Papi sauce behind the financing of tens of thousands of venture capital investment outlet

introduction how to arrange the contents of the parties in the capital investment in the content of the venture capital valuation bubble? How to ensure that the content of the content of the continuity of production and how to ensure the feasibility of commercial realization? reporter Shen Junhan Beijing reported capital for video, audio, text and many other forms of entrepreneurship, is showing unprecedented preference. March 19th, the video from the media "Papi sauce" announced $12 million financing, it real fund, the logic of thinking, the source of capital and capital of the United star participated in the investment. March Read more »

The new board will soon die 100 thousand four enterprise board are clamouring to board!

on the enterprise, the three new board and the four board market services overlap, that is, small and micro enterprises. Of course, there are also many large companies choose to list three new board, such as brokerage, the central rate of subsidiaries, local state-owned enterprises, the demolition of VIE companies. Since the threshold of the new board just need to cross a small package, why the number of listed companies is still lower than that of the four new three board market ? Bloomberg likes to make big news. December 2, 2016, Bloomberg quoted informed sources as saying that the Read more »

The answer is. what in the end

Abstract: upgrading the transformation, for it has a no retreat, not success in the spotlight, and pay the price.   thought the so-called "technical upgrade" does not need to be too long, but it should have been silent for a month, in addition to push a text message saying "good in the first half of silence" in August 15th, again in August 31st upcoming Encore posters, and now the upcoming Encore poster has been more than a week. Should still no movement. had to be skeptical that the current situation and state may not be optimistic. More users have expressed Read more »

More and more cosmetic surgery but the United States and the United States and the Internet business

cosmetic surgery is not new, followed by a sharp increase in the size of the medical beauty industry. according to Societe Generale Securities issued at the beginning of the "medical industry market industry report" series shows that in 2014 China’s medical beauty market value reached 535 billion yuan, the average growth rate of more than 15% years in the industry’s growth, it is expected that in 2019 the medical beauty market scale will break through 1 trillion yuan. in Chinese medical beauty market, user level relatively young, 58% of users in 18-30 years old; entertainers is absolutely the main consumer, Read more »

O2O benchmark start-ups accelerating integration is the trend of a sudden turn for the worse

[Abstract] now is the golden age of entrepreneurs, the capital market will make those really cool cold model stand out. Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on December 9th Internet and mobile Internet is the impact and influence of all walks of life to give hitherto unknown speed, the entrepreneurs to bring a lot of opportunities for innovation and development space, so in the past two years, a large number of start-up companies emerged. Especially in the field of O2O, a variety of people involved in all aspects of the project came into being, many of them takeaway food, Read more »

Do not love Guo Degang to see the horse for the dream they have a dead one thousand times X brought

this program is sponsored by the global lightning rod company there was a X called Thor, unemployed, headhunter gave him a job to send electrician later, X died… ink style, black-and-white silhouette lines, will play the black humor, lithographic capital investors Zhang Yi first saw this 1 minute high cold short video, then stop, go directly from Beijing to go to Shanghai with the producer behind liaoliaoyixia afternoon…… is drunk, the average per minute die once, this X offend screenwriter yet? Anyway, this X is for Chupin – It is a worthy death., angel round of financing to a dream Read more »

His mad people suffocated Lei entrepreneurship to achieve the ultimate

Lei Jun venture quotations – do anything to the flow, do not insist, do not act recklessly. Shun, naturally became. – commercial success is the most important, make a lot of friends, made a few enemies. customer satisfaction is the fundamental. Focus on improving products and services to satisfy users. – the dominant industry total old one day, but because of what they will, when it will decline, this is the business opportunity. – innovation is to do things others have not done. But the risk of innovation is very large, the vast majority of innovation is ultimately failure. Therefore, Read more »

Entrepreneurial pain and fast honey bud stand in the air on the two years

The venture is confused pain, comfortable work process cycle proud. But the most difficult thing, the most proud of the time, can take the initiative out of the comfort zone.   The | Zhu Xiaopei micro signal | business and life in the most difficult times, I have cursed and Keyi (Xianfeng Huaxing founder Chen Keyi) two bastard puts you on business." True grid fund founder Xu Xiaoping had half jokingly asked honey bud founder Liu Nan. Liu Nan venture, can not be separated from the instigation of Xu Xiaoping. In 2013, someone wanted to buy Liu Nan’s four Taobao Read more »

After 95 entrepreneurs valuation of billions of dollars we do not recruit Curve Wrecker, only recrui

see when Zhang Yiyun is 2 in the afternoon, walked into the pocket part of the office, on the left side of the door is a three sofa, sitting above the reel right and left three students fell asleep. On the right side of the door is a small room, which is cluttered with a guitar, sofa, blackboard, TV remote control, Zhang Yiyun told reporters on the state of entrepreneurship, this room is the company’s KTV. and above to see, but this is a unique feature of the iceberg after 95 CEO iceberg, the iceberg below the story and ideas Read more »

Focus on mobile Internet Entrepreneurship days search technology innovation forum will be held

in 2016 to enter the winter, but the Internet is still a circle is like spring like miami. Echoes of agitation and review this for more than a year of the Internet: the first red net community collective blowout, created a lot of heart Indoorsman amateur goddess; artificial intelligence and then the rise of VR industry, and leveraging the wave of entrepreneurship; sharing of economic hardship of breaking and mobile Internet opportunity clusters. We look forward to more voices and ask the future. Zhejiang tinsou Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as: tinsou Technology) as the vanguard of the mobile Read more »