RT Mart supermarket push B2C website fly cattle Network why do electricity providers so late

China electricity supplier industry is ushered in a wave of market boom, to stimulate the market in the capital, founded by Taiwan’s Darunfa supermarket, quietly launched the whole category of B2C electric flying cow network, hoping to share in the business growth in a cup of soup. encircling the cities from rural areas Before the Darunfa parent company ruentex group in Taiwan is the main business of textile, since 1990s Taiwan textile industry is facing rising costs, artificial price competition overseas threats, gradually into the sunset industry, ruentex group under this background to seek transformation. To explore the cause of Read more »

Open stores note features lo

Lo stores seasons have characteristics of good business, warmly welcomed by customers. This kind of product tastes good, business is hot, profit space is big, make join trader is very heart. What kind of business problems do you need to pay attention to? Xiaobian finishing the relevant recommendations, hoping to provide some reference for you. stewed dishes, because of the heat will make the raw materials in the protein denaturation, resulting in dehydration, the bittern moisture content decreased, thus increasing the raw material storage period and storage period, Lucai raw materials due to Wu juice, it is easy to carry, Read more »

One year webmaster experience I talk about

Hello, everyone, I’m a rookie webmaster, the reason why I’m a rookie, because my webmaster experience to a certain extent, then can’t inch into. But there are some things I write out to see and maybe help you a little. Experienced senior webmaster, here is the younger brother… I used to be a web designer. I have three years of experience. Have done small business networks, have done a large portal network, and so on all types of sites have involved, but my wages are dead wages. In this way, I have to find a new way. I do Wangzhuan, Read more »

Sparrow thought how to get out of the difficult position of QQ station

, let me introduce myself first: , I’m a fast consumer marketing company. I’m interested in the IT industry, so I learned how to build websites in 2008. I learned how to make a website when I was under the skin. ! , let me talk about my station: 2008 site in the early stage, in line with the practice of learning website production and hobbies, bought a IDC space, then won’t choose domain name, the wife casually said a 886532.com, registered. Have conditions installed but I think easy to grasp the new cloud program, do a few simple template, Read more »

Sina personal micro-blog operation summary

now playing micro-blog more and more people, many companies are also micro-blog marketing, mainly because it is fast enough to spread, and the scope of communication is also large enough. And micro-blog marketing will inevitably become part of enterprise marketing. As micro-blog’s hot, every fan has become a marketing object, use 140 words to the users spread business or product information, establish a good corporate image and product image, updated every day can communicate with you or provide everyone interested in the topic, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing, Why not? It. The same goes for individual micro-blog. Read more »

Where is the way out for personal websites

According to the survey last CNNIC, domestic users personal home ownership is not really small, the absolute number of one hundred thousand can be used to gauge how, in so many personal homepage, this problem is worth our each talent shows itself? Personal home owners to carefully consider the ! according to what I see and think, I think the following three points are most important: personalization, teamwork, commercialization, , first of all, is personalized. This is the easiest to understand and the most difficult to implement. What is personalization? I think that "people do not have me, people have Read more »

The experience of a college student for three years (1)

unconsciously, four years of college time has come to an end, and I have forged an indissoluble bond with the internet. I am a medical university students, do webmaster is purely their own hobby. Three years has had a profound impact on my life. I like to share this experience with my classmates and friends, and this evening, too. doesn’t know when it’s time to be hooked on computers, but I remember the brilliant experiences I just started with computers. The first time I saw the computer was in the third grade, there was a machine, a new gadget, a Read more »

The website operation success prospects to be careful

believes that many grassroots Adsense is a lot of people careless entered the ranks of the webmaster, originally had a cavity blood, a website to the Yellow River heart die attachment, but the final result, but people really jumped into the Yellow River, to enter the site no longer dare to position. Is not enough to stick? Obviously not, there is no execution? This isn’t! What caused the website operation failure? Can only say that the environment now, now want to let alone, the success of the site have a considerable profit, or is the site operation of the road Read more »

Purpose and price analysis of web link

looked at ADMIN5 for 3 months, and gave me the feeling of the new station’s gospel. Although I am not a long time contact with ADMIN5, but let me learn a lot of things, there are a lot of master have made me ashamed. Want to write such an article, in fact, consider a lot, because some time ago, there are many links vendors want to give such a platform, and will offend a lot of people. But think about it for ADMIN5’s reputation. now analyzes the purpose of buying and selling links: the seller has only one purpose, without Read more »