Strong confidence in the amount of cohesion to implement and promote the solid poverty alleviation

12 13, the Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary General Wang Yubo to the point of poverty alleviation work Longhua Hui Autonomous County Supervision and research work. He has to go to and see the tie Ba Zhen Dong La, Luo Hu Zang village relocation of the whole village poverty alleviation projects construction precision, slave Ashe Xiang Sai what library village, poverty alleviation Hand-Pulled Noodle industrial development training service center, the research of precise poverty alleviation project implementation, supervision of the provincial Office of the village poverty alleviation work team work, visit condolences to the needy, to communicate with the county, town Read more »

Ministry of public security to teach the west line (Qinghai) expert group of experts for the Municip

According to the Ministry of public security and the Provincial Public Security Bureau of the Political Department of the organization to carry out "on the" sent to teach western "activities of the notice" arrangements and specific requirements, to teach the west to send bear by the Ministry of public security of the Railway Police College "(Qinghai) expert instructors to carry out a 2 day course Professor activities in August 10th to 11 in Xining the Municipal Public Security Bureau according to the Ministry of public security and the Provincial Public Security Bureau of the Political Department of the organization to Read more »

Entrepreneurship is not old after retirement can successfully start the 4 strategies

everyone’s success, is not a simple matter, need this kind of experience. Fan · Thomas (Van  Thomas) has a young business. In March 2013, when fan · Thomas (Van  Thomas) 63 years old, he created his own name after the hair care series Van  Thomas  Concepts. He was just one example of a man who was born in the baby boom and now has a choice to retire. After more than 30 years of career development for a well-known, mature brand of hair care products, Thomas decided to use his industry and product knowledge to develop their own product line.

June Xining new housing prices rose 6.9%

According to the National Bureau of statistics, Xining investigation team survey in June, the Xining real estate price index edged up to run stable, in the country’s 70 large and medium-sized city, Xining City, the new housing price index up to 106.9, the chain was 101.1, in the country ranked twenty-first and seventeenth respectively. In the western 12 key provincial cities in the same period in the top fourth, the chain tied with Lanzhou in the northwest of the province’s capital cities in the year of second and a chain of more than first in the year of first in Read more »

Ministry of civil affairs research team to investigate Civil Affairs

11 25, -28, Jia Yulin, Party members of the Ministry of civil affairs and his party investigation of temporary relief, medical assistance, pension services and other key civil affairs. The research group visited the home for destitute persons, guaranteeing that the object, this object, left-behind children, and community nursing homes, the civil affairs policy in the implementation of the grassroots, into the orphanage, the old Xining Yihe Park, sea public home-based care services company, on-the-spot investigation and construction of government services to raise the old buy home-based care services work. Jia Yulin gave full affirmation of the province’s civil affairs Read more »

Hundreds of free movie tickets warm hearts

January 24th, reporters from the city district science and Technology Bureau of sports and Tourism Bureau was informed that in the "cultural Huimin film week" activities to the masses to send more than 700 free movie tickets, let the masses see. it is understood that the 9 day cultural Huimin film week "activities held in Xining Xixia studios, Chengzhong District Science and Technology Bureau of sports and tourism to conscientiously implement the party’s the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee spiritual and cultural Huimin policy, on behalf of the district government will be more than 700 free Read more »

Build Qinghai model and listen to experts hot

In October 25th, organized by the provincial government, the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the provincial finance office of Qinghai to host the "Travel + financial forum, four experts from Peking University, new Hualian Group, industrial bank, China Development Bank, focusing on the theme of" tourism + finance ", launched a how to create the" Qinghai model "brainstorming.

Around the lake is a story of the first round of the tournament is the spread of green low-carbon me

  "green, humane and harmonious", for a long time, the lake race as the theme, in the promotion of environmental protection national low carbon concept, not only makes the event a wonderful sports festival and people of all nationalities common festivals, the event has become a public advocate of low-carbon green, received good social benefits. in the Toba Lake Race second stage to the chase scene end point, we met a group of spectators riding friends, just attended the college entrance examination, they are cycling fans. "we all like to ride a bike, through contact with each other, our group Read more »

Datong county Party committee and the main person in charge of the County Commission for Discipline

for the implementation of "the main person responsible for the Party Standing Committee to the County Commission for discipline inspection reporting system (Trial)", urging the main party responsible person to fulfill the responsibility of honest government, strengthen to fulfill a pair of responsibility of consciousness and initiative, in August 21st, the County Commission for Discipline inspection organization held the party and the government is mainly responsible for the township Discipline Committee and Standing Committee of the County Commission for discipline inspection work report. , county health and food and drug supervision and Management Bureau, county farming and poverty alleviation and Read more »

3000 players sprint folk Gala

December 20th, Qinghai Folk Spring Festival evening show on the fourth round of auditions began, as of now, the province has about 2000 people to enroll in the folk art of the audition, more than 200 candidates for the program in the province of. At the end of this month after the start of the fifth round of auditions, the estimated total enrollment may exceed 3000. According to reports, after a series of auditions can eventually boarded the Qinghai Folk Spring Festival Gala program is expected to only more than and 20. in the fourth round of auditions, 2014 Qinghai Read more »