Shanghai Longfeng Summary – Comprehensive Optimization System

The station of Shanghai Longfeng operation optimization summary 10. anchor text diversity 7. the same anchor text do not point to a different URL   18. web site code streamlining do we stand outside the station, to begin with, if you are a new word, one day is best not too much of the chain, ZAC chiefs said, at present, there is no effect to the chain 99% manual release. And now love Shanghai also hit on this aspect is very strict, so we webmaster chain do not know how to do, how to send. At present, suggest that you Read more »

The webmaster to construct high quality chain three rules

There are many methods to improve the chain on the tool: love Shanghai has been in the domestic has the largest voice. As the most used search engine, we do the promotion work in Shanghai love is more important to touch familiar love Shanghai habits. See if it is favorable and seeing how to publicity, the promotion work can be carried out. Otherwise, no work can only be a waste of time and no gain. Love Shanghai are usually given higher weights of their products, it will give us a tip is very important information, we make full use of Read more »

The enterprise should better Shanghai Dragon Investment

  is the target of employment, as a result of pay ) , for example, if your goal is to sales increased by 15%, then you are willing to under estimate how many capital, look at the money drop down on your budget and marketing plans for what. In general, the larger the target, the target price to pay is more expensive. hunting cloud network reported in October 12th (compiled: Jasmine You have two choices: one is to hire in the Shanghai dragon and the marketing target, you need to hire someone to help you complete the Shanghai dragon, this Read more »

A value of one hundred thousand H1 Tags

is a PR3 so that the original 2 of the weight of the domain name to back online has become a PR2 weight (0 Links from 40 down to 10, can also see Links is a very important part of the correlation between the Links than 10 forum outside the chain website directly useful!) K! Not to mention the keyword ranking. then immediately above the LOGO and the head of H1 tags in each column page plus >. tag! see the title you don’t feel very strange: how the national day not to You’ll see. you will earn one hundred Read more »

Grass root way with an open door 100 thousand + title

· Albert, the father of modern advertising; advertising effectiveness 90% Lasker said: depending on the title. In the eyeball economy era, how to use the title to 100 thousand + reading gate, each small are still thinking about every night before going to bed. As a public 10 years of experience in public service, I would like to share my precious tips. please chat with friends, – colloquial Title hits more believes that on many girls’ mobile phones there is a APP called "little red book", and "little red book" specially recommends good foreign goods. Once a push in "10" Read more »

How do I feel online

half a year ago, I knew nothing about the Internet, except for people playing QQ games, watching Sina news. The Internet is full value for me! But I do a traditional business – Sales DIY personalized T-shirt (called thumb impression)! Because I was a student, school students, open a shop business. But a dismissive post changed my view of the Internet, saying that it would change my life trajectory, ! one evening stroll in the school forum market, saw a lot of school business publicity of its stores in the forum, I wonder why I don’t try to propagandize? So Read more »

Itbulu analysis of website navigation website profit channels

Earlier I on site navigation station profit channels is relatively silent strange, always think that the success of hao123 is only occasional case, with the continuous replication, repeat, we can search for some site navigation station can see do hot. Analysis and comparison of other friends online article, realized a lot of site navigation station profit channels. My personal website navigation ( test version is also on-line, the actual operation to see whether it can bring some results. first, search for affiliate ads. Site navigation site top screen can be seen at the top of Google, Baidu search box. Adsense Read more »

Where is the way out for personal websites

According to the survey last CNNIC, domestic users personal home ownership is not really small, the absolute number of one hundred thousand can be used to gauge how, in so many personal homepage, this problem is worth our each talent shows itself? Personal home owners to carefully consider the ! according to what I see and think, I think the following three points are most important: personalization, teamwork, commercialization, , first of all, is personalized. This is the easiest to understand and the most difficult to implement. What is personalization? I think that "people do not have me, people have Read more »

Location is not difficult to talk about the principles of business

when you find a good entrepreneurial projects, you have to start preparing for the site is a very important thing, have to be careful. With a good project, then choose the address of the enterprise also has a lot of principles Oh, a lot of successful cases prove that the location problem can not be careless. Enterprises need to adhere to the four principles of site selection! 1. cost principle

What are the skills to open decorative building materials stores

new house decoration, renovation of the old house, are inseparable from the decorative building materials products, open a decorative building materials stores, profit margins. For decorative building materials store operators, in addition to learning the skills provided by the headquarters to shop, to get a variety of help headquarters, but also to master some skills. a decorative building materials stores in addition to the success of location factors, the product structure is to meet the needs of consumption is also critical, many cases are described, and lots of popularity, in order to ensure that the key to product sales, reasonable Read more »