Share pictures from Shanghai. Traffic sources optimization techniques of love

do not deal with pictures : ALT is used to describe the image on the page, the cursor in the image on the display when the prompt is used the label. Effect: from Shanghai dragon and user experience instead of ALT- attribute is necessary, its importance are: the relevance of web content is the premise of keyword optimization, search engine, web page pictures should be associated with the theme of ". Conversely, when the search engine to determine the "key words, pictures instead of ALT- attribute is a trusted reference point. So, don’t forget to replace the attribute in the Read more »

Seven secrets of the Q & a promotion network promotion secret sharing second chapter

? the first chapter before we have from the case that method into the chain in question in the case at the same time that add website name tags or keywords. This is the easiest way to ask questions we can not directly use the website keywords question, why? Because when we promote a new product or new website administrator is not cognitive, so you use the website keywords direct questioning administrator will know that you are in the promotion, we do not do the promotion all too obvious. We are doing in order to deceive users, because users can Read more »

Some ideas about the new Internet connection going to shut down an unregistered domain name

news that the new Internet has issued a final ultimatum, will shut down all the domain names are not filed, then the domain name can not continue to use. It is not difficult to find, this is Xinwanghulian issued an ultimatum, as long as it is registered in the platform under the domain name, whether the site opened or not, will be for the record, otherwise in the 27 days will be Xinwanghulian punishment, cancel the domain pointer, forwarding function, stop the normal use of the domain name. this is absolutely bad news for many new customers and domain names Read more »

Open a women’s clothing store is the key to how to make money

women like to buy clothes, fashion personality of women’s clothing is deeply attracted the attention of female friends, open a women’s shop is very profitable. Opened a clothing store to attract female consumers, easy to make money. But want to open a good women’s stores, or can not be separated from the diversity of skills. 1, decoration for the opening rally

How to reform the teaching reform of primary school in Sichuan

look at the current trend of the market, in the market, we continue to carry out the transformation and upgrading of related enterprises, in order to adapt to the needs of the development of the times. Faced with such a situation, our education also needs to keep up with the pace of the times, continuous innovation and development, in order to make education for the world, facing the future! This time, Sichuan in the primary school teaching reform, to take a series of measures, we have a detailed understanding of the following. recently, the Sichuan provincial primary school teaching reform Read more »

BELLE house custom how investment in Iraq

in our lives, as long as the demand for household goods, are very much attention. Moreover, in our quality of life, healthy living environment to create, that is, from the choice of healthy household goods began. How about BELLE custom? Good quality projects, worthy of trust, it is worth joining! How about BELLE Yi house custom? Business support, BELLE Yi house custom 6 support escorting aircraft for your investment. The opening of 1 support: you shop I decoration, Iran BELLE house custom free design unified door, VI image, according to the regional differences in the cost of renovation subsidies. 2 Read more »

Deyang Luojiang held record passenger activity

students realize the innovation and entrepreneurship has now started to become a theme of the times, at the same time, all over the country are actively build some suitable for college students to entrepreneurship environment, also held a series of activities in Sichuan, Deyang. 16 evening, Deyang City Luojiang county held "Deyang hit off win in Luojiang" activities, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship in Luojiang county. That night, Deyang Angel Fund announced the establishment of Luojiang county science and Technology Innovation Park, Sichuan Industrial Park Institute of science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship students start.

What is the restaurant business pain points

why in the same industry, other shops business is hot, and your shop is closed in the end? Business is bad, there’s always a reason. Employees and bosses complain helpless, not Weakness lends wings to rumours. Is there a problem with your management, system, or marketing service when there is a problem in your restaurant? Now let me tell you that the reason you find may be floating on the surface, you can’t catch the pain, then wait for the storm! the following seven restaurants operating point of pain, you have been stabbed in a few? 1, lack of talent, Read more »

To Chengbei District of Xining city and pay close attention to the work style of Cadres Construction

in order to further strengthen and improve the work style of cadres, improve administrative efficiency, Seongbuk constantly improve the rules and regulations, pay close attention to the work style building, efforts to enhance the quality of cadres to promote grassroots cadres do practical things for the people, good for the people’s happiness index for cadres hard index.

Xining NPC and CPPCC, sound food safety can not forget the small menlian

yesterday, the two sessions in Xining, food safety issues were again made by the deputies, the deputies suggested that the establishment of a sound level of food quality supervision mechanism as soon as possible. "there are a lot of people put forward the small food processing lack of supervision mechanism, such as steamed bun shop, noodle shop, cake shop etc.." Wang Jinxia, deputy director of the National People’s Congress, said that in the circulation of food industry and commerce departments responsible for the supervision, and the field of production has been a number of supervision blank, especially small workshops, small Read more »