Love of Shanghai three evaluation criteria of quality level

for Web links, website to notice the first time search engine and make relevant treatment; for failure information and resources, it is necessary to conduct regular site investigation and relevant updates; for web information permissions or related popular plugin bundled website it is necessary to simplify or weaken, thus minimizing the cost of user access to relevant information. ", is also the value, so it must ensure that the quality of this, we need to create content. The best is poured into more professional knowledge and experience, spent time and energy seriously to editing or creation, so the content of Read more »

The construction of several game site outside the chain error

two: BBS signature chain should not overdo sth. station chain sprocket group group chain errors ! for the website forum outside the chain, the weight is now more and more low, at this point, I have a deep understanding of the original thought, got his own signature in many forums, to bring your own web site outside the chain of good, unexpectedly, these signatures are some nofollow commands the signature, so a little weight are not, then gradually gave up the construction of the chain method, even against top are rare, but I passed some poster form, add some posts Read more »

The problems do not matter how to quickly exclude site problems

recall the recent site is unusual problems, such as a web site keywords ranking suddenly jumped? Site than usual doubled several times. Open the web site if there is Carlton, or open the problem of failure? Or: recent articles have not been included, a lot of precursory site is down right have this problem, but has not attracted enough attention. If the ? website of their own problems is a very simple example, some types of platform site, even if not to collect, every day there are thousands of information release, this point is often directly through, rather than after Read more »

Innovation suffers failure mentality and culture determine everythingTreasure network founder Cao Yu

  so why are they selling so cheaply? Are those highly educated and well-educated founder really so stupid? Aren’t they sure about that? Of course not. In fact, founder is not difficult to understand these, they are planning a path to the capital market of the "Sunshine Avenue", first through the financing to get the money, and then burn through low prices to attract customers, increase sales, to finance, and then burn to attract more customers…… Finally, IPO, shareholders out of cash, success." As we all know, the big brothers, Jingdong on the surface is through such a way to Read more »

Creating and optimizing enterprise WeChat reference — 3 misunderstandings of enterprise planning We

  these days, contact some of the heads of WeChat that want to create or optimize the business. In chatting with them, I summed up three worthy of thought phenomenon, and called "enterprise planning WeChat three misunderstandings", and to chat with you. phenomenon a: "now micro-blog is not a fire, we are playing WeChat.". We’re going to do "information push" on WeChat, " ." yes, more than one enterprise, the purpose of doing WeChat is very clear, that is, "information push", they require at least one week to push 3 to 4 soft text. The best push every day, even Read more »

Men Socks vertical electric providers are in a downturn, selling socks with what stiff

    before I interviewed men socks, for it had the impression, often see the original web log technology expert Ruan Yifeng, for a period of time to see the man socks advertising, its slogan was "like the book magazine for socks, at the time that the pattern is novel. Never thought about it, and later interviewed its founder, Chen Bole. men’s socks, a Wuhan based vertical supplier of men’s socks, buys socks in advance. Its founder Chen Bole had been a program ape, why think of socks sold online, it has to do the same and cotton socks housekeeper Read more »

20 pits let entrepreneurs fall head broken and bleeding.

learn from the lessons of the past, in order to be more successful in the fast, walk in the forefront of wealth. A few months ago, we put forward such a question to ShortStack fans on Facebook, "which is a business lesson learned is your head broken and bleeding?" At first, it was a simple question to improve the participation of the fans, but in the end it led to a long list of entrepreneurs, some of them good advice.

Sweet and good investment products – a huge market

dessert food industry, is always very popular, venture to choose the market to invest in desserts, no doubt, is a very wise choice. Sweet snow? Good quality, good market opportunities. Join the sweet snow and ice, entrepreneurial worry! How sweet and ? Natural health, delicious authentic. It is made of pure natural raw materials of the top Korean delicacy, the four seasons are fresh fruit collocation, rich consumer taste buds, is not easy to make Amy fat, let more people love our dessert, for our franchisees is not source of worry. How sweet and ? want to seize the market Read more »

Qinghai great efforts to support migrant workers entrepreneurship

in order to support migrant workers returning home to start business, and now all over the country are constantly introduced more preferential policies. And this year, Qinghai through the implementation of lower threshold, the implementation of home business tax cuts Jiangfei policy, strengthen home business park construction and a series of supporting measures to support local residence of migrant workers, college graduates, demobilized soldiers and other workers returning home for business. Currently, the province’s migrant workers and other personnel to return home to start 586 people, led by the employment of 2103 people. Qinghai province to increase financial support and Read more »