Starting from the analysis of internal flow adjustment

traffic is not lost nor It is without rhyme or reason., we should do our best to It is without rhyme or reason. exists, analysis, from the user’s point of view, to understand the user, in order to make the user experience of the website. The above is the author’s views, please indicate the Xuzhou billion network company (贵族宝贝xzyw贵族宝贝) original. "there are too many ads or pop, even if the page content is very attractive to users, but because of" bad experience, I believe that many users to close the page, look for the same information "to visit. first, "the Read more »

For small and medium enterprises boss a letter of recommendation in Shanghai Dragon

rational use of resources Why and a engage in machinery industry recruiters chats: now through the Internet people who make money very much, do network promotion, website optimization is also more and more people. So, some time for us to do the promotion optimization does not necessarily have to hire a full-time staff. For the website updates chat more, this will need to recruit some professional website editor, for example: website, Taobao mall, news website, this website will need some full-time workers and workers in Shanghai Longfeng website editor. For small and medium sized enterprises, if a large number of Read more »

How to use the thinking of Shanghai dragon VR venture

The therefore, if cooperation training institutions and entities, to create a VR content of technology development and training site, or VR Technology Forum and so on, and then through the Shanghai dragon Optimization Website value, is definitely a good challenge. second, VR museum to join the project. According to the current trend, the theory on the next ten years, VR heat will continue to grow, especially with the revolutionary progress of VR technology, VR virtual reality user experience greatly improved, consumers will be willing to spend money to enjoy the fruits of science and technology. Like watching a movie, we Read more »

SEE STORY brand founder China’s first O2O dead 396 community wine cabinet

  is the first known China marketing publications "sales and marketing" in 2007 11 (total 284th) seventy-fourth pages with 4 full page published an article "three-dimensional breakthrough, integration pioneer era", the author of the article is I. Although the intermediary did not directly mention the "396 community wine cabinet" at that time, but it was really my investment in the end of 2004. It may be China’s first O2O actual combat project. unfortunately, today’s "396 community wine cabinet" has long since disappeared. And the ten thousand words long article, is my dream of a solemn memorial. Two days ago and Read more »

A brief analysis of the common points of heavy snow in the sky and doing the road of standing

yesterday heard the weather forecast, said Wuxi will be the 3 consecutive days of snow this morning, wait outside the city opened the curtains, snow white. Suddenly I on the way to work, do stand three years experience to things like the snow weather, there is a pattern. first, wear more, in order to keep out the cold, and solid foundation to develop. The weather in winter is natural needless to say, we are all living in the northern hemisphere Chinese, mostly temperate monsoon climate and subtropical monsoon climate, so in winter, there is always a bit trembling. So every Read more »

How to open the baby supplies shop location

now some maternal industry and society or maternal and child market is very popular, at the same time, there are a lot of social entrepreneurs entrepreneurship will look to the maternal industry, so when a mother shop should be how the location? now the baby products industry market is increasingly hot. Investment in the operation of a baby supplies shop is a good project to start a business. Investment to open new baby products agency in the first time, the baby supplies agency location problems sometimes. Want to give the baby supplies store to choose a good location is the Read more »

How should the campus start

we often hear some of the success of college students on campus, which makes a lot of students still in the campus echocardiography. Many students in order to reduce the burden on their families, but also want to get their own exercise, have chosen to start in the campus. We often encounter a lot of problems in practice, only know how to start a business in order to avoid the occurrence of the problem. 1. choose entrepreneurial direction. Choose something that interests you and has the confidence to do it. If you do not know what the business, business website Read more »

What are the support of the week to join the fishing pot

hot pot business in the industry have to mention a brand is Zhou Yu pot, with its own strength has become a hot pot in the field of well-known brands. Today, Zhou Yu is a government from product development to logistics distribution through-train, advanced management norms, a galaxy of talents hundreds of stores, the chain business enterprises. Chongqing hot pot catering culture to the world to make unremitting efforts. join the Zhou Zhou fishing pot to provide what support? Zhou Yu pot to join the business to provide eight professional support: a, brand support Zhou Yu Chongqing hot pot will Read more »

This makes your brand clothing store business is booming

a good clothing store, give people the impression is neat and orderly, customers can find their favorite products into the store. From this point of view, clothing store display is very important. So how to do a good job to open a clothing store? Today for your weapon. "small" the sale of goods and the classification of

93, Xining municipal solid and effective work of helping village contact point

93, Xining municipal Party Committee since carrying out the aid to work, agency leadership attaches great importance to meticulous organization, helping to promote activities and achieved preliminary results 93 society, Xining municipal Party Committee since carrying out the aid to work, agency leadership attaches great importance to meticulous organization, helping to promote activities and achieved preliminary results. recently, 93 society, vice chairman Tong Wang, Secretary General Zhang Tiejun led the medical staff and members of the clinic in the town of Qingshi Book drive Po Cun, Huangzhong County rouchard. for improving the status of village libraries lack bluestone, 93 Xining Read more »