An essential element of website optimization diversified development

station connectionsFrom the importance of : site content diversificationThe content for the importance of the site as compared to the webmaster have a deep, because the quality of site content will directly affect the site optimization results, user experience friendly experience etc.. Then the content of the site construction of how to achieve diversification? Many webmaster to save time directly through the acquisition of other sites that will make their content without innovation, and the information on the Internet is stereotyped, but on the other hand to the webmaster every day to write original content is impossible. The author believe Read more »

4008 business hotline application and use of some notesHow do I make the new station 30 days GG inco

can I make a 400 phone call? Is it reliable? Can I guarantee it for a long time? to 4008 service call center customer, need to apply for a "4008xxxxxx" as its national unified access code; in any country within the scope of the calling users only need to call the "4008xxxxxx" number, does not need to dial the area code, can be in accordance with the business user preset program, call direct connection to the customer designated telephone number or call center. ?   you can set the call number to your fixed line and then set a fully Read more »

Six mainstream Wangzhuan model summaryMedical beauty O2O Entrepreneurship network face when

cosmetic APP first to do is qualification check, to control the audit process, to ensure that the platform is located in the regular institutions and medical practitioners qualified doctors. Docking plastic surgery throughout the country, to help patients find the local plastic surgery institutions. is the O2O mode for the diversion of under line mechanisms, which is a common operating direction of existing platforms. In product form, > on the other hand, there are also a few doctors who work illegally. There is still no written access mechanism for plastic surgeons in China. The training institutions are numerous and the Read more »

Once again the breakdown of the website industry, plastic recruitment road breakthrough

    rapid development of plastic industry, facing a talent shortage situation 2 rolling in recent years, Korean plastic wind sweeping across China, the United States and beauty seeking lady also more and more, the plastic market development is swift and violent. Domestic development time of less than ten years, according to third party statistics, the plastic industry in 2006 the market value of 30 billion, to 2013, the market value has exceeded 200 billion, high market profits. With the rapid development of the industry, a large number of talent shortage, especially experienced plastic personnel, a large number of urgent Read more »

Sina housewarming a meager domain fashion brand strategy

Sina listed in 11th anniversary on the occasion of the upcoming Sina launched a special small new domain name, Sina officially opened small independent domain name, and replace the new synchronization symbol, of course, whether the use of a new domain name or the old domain name can log on sina is meager, compared to the new domain name and other existing portal meager domain name, one of the most independent the domain name, It’s very convenient to remember and spread. Sina domain name change, everyone said: once a baker, a wave called a brand of Read more »

The development prospect of classified information websites is considerable

now classified information website market is in the flames of war, news, 58 again to obtain financing, combined with YAHOO’s reputation and so on, seems to let people see again a market full of potential, full of vigour. And for classified information, people have mixed opinions. There are optimistic about this market, but also not optimistic about the market. Some people say that classified information lacks profit models, and some people say that classified information is one of the most profitable business models of web2.0. This is not the only one。 and I think that the classified information is a Read more »

What business is suitable for 2016

What business is suitable for 2016? Many entrepreneurs are more concerned about the topic, the new year will usher in new opportunities and opportunities, the whole network Xiaobian for you on 2016 the most promising business what.

Big Wuhan Twelfth program recording completed

era of entrepreneurship, the media has played an important role, often publicize the latest policy of innovation and entrepreneurship, and through various forms to guide entrepreneurship. Venture big Wuhan is a file for the Wuhan entrepreneurs to teach the experience of excellent programs. the day before, "business Wuhan" program to complete the scene twelfth recording the program, broadcast since November 2015, to win the good reputation and good ratings. Entrepreneurs with their dreams and their moving entrepreneurial story, not only caused a strong resonance between the audience and business mentor, but also in the community aroused a wide discussion on Read more »