Links weight increase keyword ranking

5) the whole process is equivalent to the weight of their own website, through Links, concentrated in a few key words on the site, do not let the weight distributed to the invalid key, this website keyword weights obtained and voting on a lot, very favorable for ranking. 2) website weight increase, we have a certain impact on the keywords ranking, but has little effect on The above process is 6) by Links, we put the weight of other key (for us not very useful keywords) transfer to each other, we need each other to return the weight of keywords, Read more »

Three golden rules for the website on the Internet talent shows itself in the army

in recent years, Shanghai Longfeng hot career regardless of some big obvious to people, the website, the newly rising website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in general. As an emerging network of entrepreneurs, to make their sites to occupy a position in many sites in Shanghai dragon, who like a wooden bridge, because you want to become a winner, you need some courage and boldness. Many Shanghai dragon ER are in this respect to do a lot of thought and effort, but the web development process is not so easy to Everything is going smoothly. Aofong, exclusive. Read more »

How to optimize the enterprise website construction in order to effectively circumvent the site righ

third, the construction site outside the chain will always firmly checks the quality and frequency of. Site outside the chain and content is the site optimization factors most likely to cause drop right, content of right down. second, enterprise website must pay attention to details and content optimization. We know the website optimization in addition to the site planning stage there is a very important daily optimization work, is the content of the website and the construction of the chain, said the two site optimization problem can not be avoided, as the author thinks that the enterprise website optimization process Read more »

Just a piece of code, so that ordinary sites turned electricity supplier website

  no exaggeration to say that this is an era of all the electricity supplier. But for many small and medium enterprises, there is a heart to embrace the electricity supplier, but it is difficult to find a suitable way. In general, or choose to settle in Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other platforms, or choose self built electricity supplier. For small and medium-sized enterprises, self business cost is too high, not reliable, and settled in the big business platform, and application for the qualification certification, and pay the deposit, the establishment of credit and a series of steps, for many Read more »

The website operation success prospects to be careful

believes that many grassroots Adsense is a lot of people careless entered the ranks of the webmaster, originally had a cavity blood, a website to the Yellow River heart die attachment, but the final result, but people really jumped into the Yellow River, to enter the site no longer dare to position. Is not enough to stick? Obviously not, there is no execution? This isn’t! What caused the website operation failure? Can only say that the environment now, now want to let alone, the success of the site have a considerable profit, or is the site operation of the road Read more »

What are the errors in the cosmetics shop

said that although every entrepreneur wants to successfully open a shop, however, in the real operation process, often a mistake, it is possible to enter a misunderstanding, resulting in the operation of shops have been greatly affected. So, how to open a cosmetics shop? Not only is the owner of their own continuous thinking and exploration of the topic, but also attracted a lot of attention and attention of manufacturers. As a new group of channel evolution, cosmetic shops in the basic aspects of the operation there are deficiencies, especially business ideas, the most likely to go astray! cosmetics store Read more »

What is the octopus franchise

want to give a different life in 2017? Just roll up sleeves to venture it! Now entrepreneurship has become a trend to what people have to venture. There are many ways of entrepreneurship, in the final analysis is doing some kind of investment. Want to make a career in 2017, you should choose a strong investment direction of it, so, what kind of delicacy project has a high popularity and good reputation in the market? One of the octopus as a popular snack, unique taste, has been unanimously praised by consumers. In addition, the development of this project is not Read more »

Food and beverage business to do the 5 secret decryption

In the China market on catering industry have been very popular, and is also a hot industry investor, now want to successfully operate a restaurant, in fact, is the need to spend a lot of effort. A: the secret of integrity, from the start of in good faith, lost in integrity, the key lies in how you dig it’s gold. "Integrity" is a huge gold mine, in the catering business, if the commitment to the customer can come to fruition, will bring you a hundred times the power, don’t put food quality as "good faith" brand, to do business, the Read more »