Site optimization trap can solve the optimization of diversification or impossible to guard against

as a web site optimization is the most important work, is the site of the chain optimization, site optimization chain has a very important principle is the higher the quality, the more the better, but many webmaster in the optimization of the chain, the more the value of the number of the chain, while ignoring the quality the chain, because of the high quality of the chain to be more difficult to complete than quantity, so many webmaster to amount to replace the quality, look, this can increase the optimization effect of the chain as a whole, but in fact Read more »

Increase the site outside the chain do not rank correlation

In addition to 5. content rich website will have a core keywords, usually also is our theme. All our forum content will revolve around the theme of. For example, we do Shanghai Longfeng forum, then all sections of our forum should be as much as possible and Shanghai dragon. And some related areas, such as irrigation area, will reduce the relevance of the website. 4.The navigation, the most important content in web pages is obviously on the front page of the forum content. In general the more close to the location of the navigation area is more important. The upper Read more »

Question of love in marketing from Shanghai algorithm

spider will index to the web pages into the database and inside the archive is the first time the snapshot update, but this does not fully explain the first of the sites included is the original, because of the time and frequency of different site spider crawling is different, here suggest Adsense on their own websites included before publication to other websites. has always been to love Shanghai how to judge whether a website article is original, or reproduced by questioning whether it is how to judge it? In A5 recently cast a few soft, just started on its website Read more »

Xiao Yitao for the novice to pay attention to my Shanghai Shanghai Dragon Dragon Friends

The most important for the novice friends, you see every day many articles on the Internet, if we repeat the most is this sentence? Shanghai, the most important thing is the mentality, the original and I like you, don’t go to the search engine rankings, the algorithm changes as a result of fine-tuning, key words ranking fluctuations, will make people nervous nervous, that around the post, "my website how?" "how my ranking dropped?" please don’t worry, there is no special memories before operation, such as site structure adjustment, the chain increased. 2012, a new blog, a new chapter, conversion from Read more »

Analysis 2015 English website how to optimize

site structure is like the human body skeleton, skeleton scattered people survive, good website structure can help the search engine more efficient use of the table table to grab the page, obviously a lot of Web site structure was used, the search engine spiders on the non constant offensive, if you use div+css to layout, the spider can smoothly crawl page for link level, not too deep, so as not to fall into the abyss of spider climb up, even climb up the next time will not come again. 5, a few days ago in the company before with colleagues Read more »

Industry update vacancy compensation is the trend of the development of small and medium-sized websi

industry update vacancies to make up for the current stage of small and medium-sized Web site development trend we all know, now small and medium-sized company website, industry website how to do it, and now the mainstream trend, is the site involved in the industry segments. Because comprehensive web site has been Sina and other Tencent, Sohu, NetEase, a large portal occupied market, so for our small and medium-sized webmaster, is to discover very mature segments of a local industry has not developed on the internet. everyone has their own direction and their own unique ideas, and I would like Read more »

Introduction to how to write a good website

just chat with a net friend, said the website introduces how to write essays, usually write other things well, but when you write your own website but do not know how to write! See a few friends website found almost didn’t write this site, some simply put the description to write up, ask them, they don’t know how to do this website said, it seems that many owners did not dare to write a website! Seriously study about four major portals and A5, to see if they are introduced this website, I made a summary and we learn together: Firstly, Read more »

Webmaster can not know website development seven golden rule

has recently focused on Apple’s dynamics, and no doubt Apple has become one of the most valuable technology brands in the world. There are some places worth studying on the road to success, and share a few experiences to share. one, the webmaster should learn to be friends with the enemy, example: can you imagine Pepsi and Coca Cola making friends? That’s the surprise of apple and Microsoft in 1997. After nearly 12 consecutive years of financial losses, Jobs needs to bring money to apple, and soon will be in place. So he turned to Bill – Gates, and Gates Read more »

Promote entrepreneurial projects to provide entrepreneurial path to solve entrepreneurial problems

township entrepreneurs lack of entrepreneurial projects, but also the need for policy help to help promote more entrepreneurial projects, to help them do poineering work, strengthen the quality of entrepreneurship. Tangyin spring action, the local entrepreneurs to bring a lot of entrepreneurial projects, to provide a better way to start a business. 2016 Tangyin county "spring action" to start, provides many employment opportunities for local applicants, in providing jobs at the same time, the county people club departments also actively for entrepreneurs to provide employment training, by the majority of entrepreneurs. Soon to start the scene in the county "spring Read more »

To support innovation and entrepreneurship in Xiji County, promoting the development of economy

Local in Xiji County is not large, but for innovation and entrepreneurship policy implementation is very comprehensive, the effort to support innovation and entrepreneurship, now their entrepreneurial policy is getting better and better, more and more people do not go out to work, start in the "home" is a good choice. Xiji County belongs to the south of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, six Shanxi lu. Belongs to the Loess Plateau arid hilly areas, low-lying South High North, 1688 – 2633 meters above sea level. Things 67 km long, north-south width of 74 km. 63 kilometers east of Guyuan, Ningxia, Read more »