Love Shanghai 8.22 algorithm upgrade, at noon today effect

with the recent birth of 360 search, 3B war has kicked off 360 of the search but the tour although neither fish nor fowl into flow capacity can not be overlooked, love Shanghai will continue to optimize their martial arts, with the birth of 360 against the search, that provide users with more high-quality content for the fight to rival the killer. The In this paper, notice issued the webmaster boiling again, some people are happy people worry, but the distance love Shanghai the announcement 2 days later, I found that love Shanghai algorithm is not yet done, the main Read more »

How to through the station optimization, to enhance the home page keyword ranking

3. user demand analysis for a web site’s home page and channel page gathering of the weight of the highest ZhengZhan, so when the main keyword home page and channel page is determined, how to optimize, enhance the main keywords ranking? Introduce one of the more effective methods for Ian here: the home page is a channel or as article treat! Enhance correlation with page conversion experience! Like writing as the keywords and content very well together, the home is also very effective method, and the ranking is more stable! Face to introduce the specific steps: 1. long tail word Read more »

The website URL to normalize its Shanghai Longfeng significance

generate static pages, we all know, because static to Pastebin, more conducive to the page ranking, because.Htm,.Html…… Relatively solid, unlike dynamic path, when browsing is transferred out from the database content, access paths are the dynamic engine in special symbols to identify some engine components, such as.Asp = &?…… This path URL has a certain degree of difficulty in the collection, not to mention ranking, also can make the generation of pseudo static, to achieve the purpose of. is not too much to say that the whole optimization, we are aware of the importance of product marketing, but a website Read more »

Increase the chain should follow the principle of

buy the chain including purchase link and soft, the effect is obvious, and it is easy to achieve. Want to buy high quality home chain chain to buy, do not buy low quality of the chain, of course, this is according to the needs of everyone, to make a judgment. We want to say is soft, good soft, have a common characteristic, that is to show people help, but also is not soft. If your soft Wen was many people reproduced, your site outside the chain will increase, the weight will also increase. This is the so-called quality. do the Read more »

A machine Vostro DELL Commercial Commission 360 yuanIncrease shlf1314 Adsense unit price channel art

      different channels of the same site;       the relationship between the channel and the price is very subtle, although not generally between channels of influence each other, but in the actual delivery process we can easily observe mutual influence between the channels.       previous >       different site interaction channels in addition to price, other than advertising, price effects of different sites and different channels of the same site channel is similar to that of the lower channel will affect the high channel, so some sites do not put the effect Read more »

Analysis under the genuine trend, personal movie site should go from here

I as an Internet enthusiasts, although not directly on the Internet to make money to eat, but also their own interests, so often go to Internet sites such as Ai Rui, A5, and other famous tiger sniffing to see the latest information and share experiences. Just a week ago, Youku potatoes group company and association jointly issued the "United Chinese network video anti piracy declaration", said the joint fight against Baidu, Nora and other serious online video piracy and hotlinking behavior. This makes me think of my own hand and a personal website how to do, if the company is Read more »

Sparrow thought how to get out of the difficult position of QQ station

, let me introduce myself first: , I’m a fast consumer marketing company. I’m interested in the IT industry, so I learned how to build websites in 2008. I learned how to make a website when I was under the skin. ! , let me talk about my station: 2008 site in the early stage, in line with the practice of learning website production and hobbies, bought a IDC space, then won’t choose domain name, the wife casually said a, registered. Have conditions installed but I think easy to grasp the new cloud program, do a few simple template, Read more »

Heilongjiang University efforts to strengthen the training of complex entrepreneurial talent

the current market for the growth of entrepreneurial talent growing day by day, and colleges and universities are currently unable to produce a large number of personnel to be able to work on time. Therefore, the Ministry of education requires colleges and universities to set up innovative entrepreneurship courses to improve the entrepreneurial skills of college students as soon as possible.

The prosperity of traditional food by small wonton in the great wealth

Chinese has a very profound food culture, some traditional delicacy in a large proportion of China’s food and beverage market, now the pace of modern life more and more quickly, all kinds of pressure increase, so the morning repast often choose to shop earlier, so the breeding of various early catering franchise business opportunities, so many business booming, catering to join a what are the skills?

What is the most taboo in the process of entrepreneurship

this is not a good way to go, presumably a lot of people know that every year there are many entrepreneurs, but by the end of the year can not stay much. For entrepreneurs, not only to know what they need to succeed in business, but more importantly, what is the most taboo in the entrepreneurial process. 1. does not have enough money in the process of entrepreneurship in the most taboo? Not enough money! Entrepreneurship is not just a dream can be, but also have enough funds for support, if you don’t have enough money, we must know how Read more »