Links exchange three index PR weight and useless snapshot

recently often see some Adsense said in Links exchange each other always ask: snapshot N, weight > N, the heart can not help but make confused, although these can in certain circumstances reflect the status of the site, but in some special cases, these three are useless. 2. server changes: if the site because of the move and change to a new server would cause the snapshot stop loving Shanghai. site is down right: if your site is cheating or because the quality or waste site, will cause you to love Shanghai website right down, which will affect the snapshot. Read more »

Share six aspects of spider crawling and crawling (a)

third, file storage: file storage is a key technology of the search engine, is also facing a challenge. When the search engines crawl and crawl is completed, will put these data into the original page database. The data stored in the database and users see the page in the browser is exactly the same. Each URL will have a unique number. In addition, the data needed to calculate the weight of various storage, various links such as the relationship, PR iterative calculation etc.. The amount of data is huge. Many websites do not exist, we can access the snapshot page Read more »

Follow the weight optimization of hyperlink analysis learning website

For example, a website as the main content of the website, will determine the keywords for website construction, website production, in the exchange links, the preferred resources should be peer website construction company website. Because of their geographical relations, unless it is a nationwide network company, in front of the main words in general optimization will be labeled as a geographical name. From the perspective of the user experience, such as "Shanghai site construction" the hit rate is much higher than the "construction site". The search engine based on segmentation technology, we exchange links in web resources, not only the Read more »

My Taobao has been successfully built for 2 weeks

that day is probably around 9 in the evening, as usual, I will go up every day to see friends, media and speech platform to see the news, after seeing this news, — did not know the term Taobao off, so I went to see mom in the situation, found that Taobao customers have launched more than a year, but its attractive way of promotion or people with passion, plus the usual time on the Internet, there was also the idea of starting an online shop, but worry not good Amoy goods no problem, but this way can not let Read more »

WeChat operations how does the public number attract and retain fans

do WeChat promotion only a huge amount of fans is not enough, fans to achieve accurate, so to the final conversion time, we will have a good conversion rate, this article will talk about how to attract the public, fans of WeChat, how to retain fans. Mainly from the following points to analyze: 1, positioning. 1, before registering our account, we should have a clear orientation to our WeChat. Our industry, the crowd, the content of choice. 2, after the location, a good point name. Easy to remember, to attract attention, and it is best to let people know what Read more »

My promotion experience

briefly sum up: a, original text, around the keyword optimization, strongly recommended in title also added. The original here is not to say that their own writing is finished, and you have to search for other people have written similar, if you are advised, or change the topic of conversation. two, in Baidu weight high, update fast place, issued around the keyword related content information and your site connection, let Baidu spider can from a variety of places to your station up. I used to have Baidu, Post Bar and major fanchon. three, around this keyword for promotion, release a Read more »

A brief discussion on the six months along the way of Nanning Talent Network

in the twinkling of an eye, came to the end of 2009, Nanning talent network will also be passed through the unusual 2009. Review of the difficult process of more than half a year, can be used to describe the "striking one snag after another.". Nanning talent network domain name was born, is Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake 1st anniversary anniversary, is really a coincidence, because the corn was found in the excitement, then registered the domain name after the discovery of this day is Sichuan 1st anniversary anniversary of Wenchuan earthquake. After the corn was registered, I started building the site. Read more »

Web designers must read web company web site production process

    many have master web design work in the company’s network experience, there may have been a lot of complaints, think the network company money less to live more. That’s true, but there’s no denying that Internet companies are really a good place to exercise and train people. Because of this, many people also choose to enter the network company to hand, learn skills, the stubborn girl for the entire share network flow production company website. number one is the receipt. this is the business scope of work that the company clerk to the business website about hand, fill Read more »

Purpose and price analysis of web link

looked at ADMIN5 for 3 months, and gave me the feeling of the new station’s gospel. Although I am not a long time contact with ADMIN5, but let me learn a lot of things, there are a lot of master have made me ashamed. Want to write such an article, in fact, consider a lot, because some time ago, there are many links vendors want to give such a platform, and will offend a lot of people. But think about it for ADMIN5’s reputation. now analyzes the purpose of buying and selling links: the seller has only one purpose, without Read more »

Open 24 hours convenience store you need to understand the rules of the 6 sites

modern way of life has changed a lot, stay up late is often the case, the convenience store is also the original 12 hours into a business of 24 hours. Open a 24 hour convenience store is the dream of many friends. So, how to choose 24 hours convenience store? On how to choose a 24 hour convenience store, you need to understand the following 6 site rules: 1, located in the "life path"