How to make search engines quickly popular keywords

here is the title to the popular keyword included important. today I will be ashamed when will Shanghai dragon R, ~ In fact this is a problem of So how to become a novice veteran? How to make novice will also optimize the popular keyword? Look at the online tutorial, if not completely at the end. has recently been busy this to a shelf company to do the optimization, think a lot. Received a hand when I tried to diagnose this enterprise website shelves. You will find the website home page, FLASH page. With the general theory of Shanghai dragon Read more »

The noble baby search algorithm upgrades will affect 35% of the search results

now, Google understands that the most relevant search results is the most important. The effect of this upgrade is obviously, Google said that this upgrade will affect 35% Internet search results. "freshness upgrade" is another expansion after the upgrade algorithm Google released last year of caffeine. The results of this index can help Google faster entry, which means that the level of real time search results will be higher. This year, Google had a panda upgrade, the upgrade reduces the "content farms (Content Farm)" ranking of these critics say after Shanghai Longfeng web site optimization reduces the quality of Google Read more »

New optimization need to pay attention to the details of what

1, making a rational title label   3 server, monitorThe content acquisition mode for search engines, in the analysis of web structure is important for the title tag is ignored, the search engine with the title tag to extract and analysis of the theme of the page, i.e. keywords location. When we set the title label must be combined with the keywords, and must be smooth, and attract. In the formulation of the title tag is need to pay attention to many details, long title tags not only in the search results page show completely, the user experience is not Read more »

In the face of love Shanghai to update these deadly details you do

Shanghai dragon have 3 months, also met a lot of friends in Shanghai Longfeng this line, also discussed Shanghai dragon techniques 4: website space, domain name ! also recognized several novice Shanghai dragon at the same time, the basic understanding of Shanghai dragon, also want to do Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is also know that thing, understand! But the real implementation of the step is not you think so good, some people may say, do not Shanghai dragon is so few? Some people succeed, but there are a lot of people are on the way to success for reasons, I Read more »

[dried] watercress practical experience in promoting skills!

Hello everybody, I am not no blog webmaster pay no no, and today I share with you some of the promotion skills watercress, these skills are not through the blog actual combat test. All right, talk less and we’ll go straight to dry. one, watercress diary promotion watercress weight is very high, Baidu to watercress these high weight web site has been endowed with special weight value. If an article published at the same time in watercress and their own web site, watercress ranking is often higher than their own web site. Like the current relatively hot "micro business how Read more »

Besides, O2O Theory and practice of six dimension space

[editor’s note] the author of this article, @ Zhongguancun Lao Li, published an article in Lei Feng net before, "O2O on mobile phone" and "personalized business recommendation with mobile phone". Because there are still many readers are very concerned about the O2O market, so the author wrote this article as "O2O" on the mobile phone of the view the text, more thorough discussion on O2O using six dimensional theory. one, socialization I often think about a question. Why are so many good O2O applications and businesses successful abroad, but it’s difficult to survive in the country, ?Theoretically, intelligent mobile phone Read more »

Small business 6 matters needing attention, invites you to become rich together!

life is like WuWeiPing, pressure, hard life, the pursuit of high, want to start, but to buy bad hope that entrepreneurs, small business failures are also a considerable blow. How to avoid the risk of small business? How can we improve their small entrepreneurial success rate? Take a look at the following for you to organize the 6 small business notes! Small business 6 note: NO.1 to do their own thing

It is said that these five categories of goods are now best sold

now have a lot of friends want to start a business, but business is not so simple, you have to understand what consumers need. Digital display, crystal, silver necklace, mobile phone, bedding, jeans and other people become the most searched words, these words show that people shopping from one aspect, also provides a guide for people to do business. A, jewelry: "crystal", "Jade Pendant" hot.

Western restaurant industry trends

we are in the choice of entrepreneurial brand, we have a choice of market prospects, and catering brands, Chinese food is already very familiar with, the market is also a lot of. The western food is not the same, the more development of Western space. Want to invest in Western restaurants, then, be sure to understand the development trend of the industry as a whole. Western food store features The characteristics of the business has become a major means of many catering enterprises to attract consumers can be said that in the increasingly fierce competition, brand high degree of homogeneity Read more »