Some key factors of improving analytical website snapshot update

  fourth, high quality friendship connection to keep up with the correlation. Whether friendship connection has a very important significance in improving the website weight and update snapshot are here, the best friendship connection we find high quality high relevance of friendship connection exchange, with the current PR gradually fade out, as long as their website user experience is good, continue in operation and maintenance, together with their own wholeheartedly, for the connection should not be what difficult things related. Links > first, the content of high quality is the foundation. Similar to spider habits and our human behavior, for Read more »

How to analyze the degree of competition

website page when a search page appears mostly inside pages, so that this keyword is the degree of competition is very small, as is usually the case search is generally the website home page, if the search keywords appear in the web page page you use the keywords home website is very small, so if these keywords such as the index, you can also try to do some Because the   The number of search keywords can select the top site analysis, such as judge collected, the other of the chain, and the structure of the site, page layout, content Read more »

Nofollow waste weight and PR Don’t accuse Matt Cutts!

nofollow would be a waste of weight and the PR value, according to an article in Matt Cutts: PageRank sculpting, the core of it is the sentence below: if you have a page PR value of 10 points, there are 10 links to this page, there are 5 links is derived, then what will happen? Let us put aside the attenuation factor (see note), focus on the part of the core of the problem. Before 5, each link without nofollow will receive 2 points before the nofollow PR value, each link to 1 PR value (in fact, the number of Read more »

On how to improve the site conversion rate payoff strive for further improvement

in today’s Internet in many webmaster to increase your website traffic, by optimizing your website, do not a long tail keywords and your site theme, there is some soft, advertising in the major portals, guide the user clicks, and these words or soft advertising or in fact our website is not consistent with the theme itself. But when I heard some Adsense exchange in small and in the industry, no matter what type of advertising, first made in the said, in fact it is doomed to days after we jump out of the main reason for the high rate of Read more »

How to search through the network marketing strategy to adjust the landing page

these days have been learning some knowledge of data analysis, suddenly found after know there was a lot of knowledge is not, he is still a rookie. Today known in Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon blog and communicate with you about visits to the site you can know what page, you can get to analyze those data, analyze the data and what are the benefits for your website, know what needs to be adjusted. You can know what respondents page? From statistical background our website where you can see which pages every user is your site access, so we know what respondents Read more »

Look at those 95 after the start-up of beauty, all worth millions of dollars, Yan values also burst

as long as there is a market, individual investors are never absent. amazing department store – Wang Kai Xin According to the new three board   Wang Kaixin feels like he just wants to be a low-key 98 after CEO". In fact, the magic department store has been established in May this year, and has millions of angel investment, Android registered users have more than 60 thousand, for the 16 year old CEO is considered a good result. individual investors to participate in the subscription of 1990, the subscription amount of 36 billion 900 million   , and even more Read more »

As a webmaster should be scolded

doesn’t know that people’s lives are too depressing now, or has it become a fashion to curse people? Recently, they began to work. Although they are also engaged in websites, their websites haven’t been taken into account for a long time. Life has been busy, and rarely have time today, quiet down to Admin5, look at the news, see someone sent a QQ group, also added to chat. Unfortunately, the group has just joined the ranks of the webmaster friends and my station to do the next link, is a new site, coupled with not the same type of site, Read more »

Personal Adsense survival status make money a lot, the future is worrying

from the second half of last year, a field with vigour and vitality of the Internet pornography campaigns to upgrade all domestic websites, from the grassroots webmaster to IDC (server operators) and domain name providers are difficult to escape. Data show, as of February 10th this year, the relevant departments have shut down pornographic and vulgar websites more than 1.6, not filed more than 13.6 websites. Many have achieved profitable small website revenue cut. 3 months, the Ministry of industry and information technology minister Li Yizhong admitted in an interview, the personal website adopted some overkill, but not banned personal Read more »

Determine the direction and feasibility analysis of website profit model

webmaster in the operation of the initial stage of the website, choose what kind of profit model is more important problem, the following will be from several levels to explore this everyone more concerned about the topic. first, location of the website, site positioning is very important, not only to consider the needs of users, but also to consider what we can bring to the user, traffic, or popularity, can still expand the enterprise brand effect etc.. To meet the needs of the designated population, or to meet the needs of the majority of the population?. The website to make Read more »

The road should go in embarrassed by the Sina micro-blog

Hello, I am happy, today I read an article on the "Sina micro-blog" end, I feel good and I want to write a few points and we exchange, you know the foreign twitter? If you don’t understand, this article may not be suitable for you to read, you can turn off the window. To find suitable for their own article, don’t waste your precious time here. first said why Twitter is so hot, even the recent foreign well-known light blog Tumblr should move closer to twitter, because they all take the advantage of twitter, that is "short, fast, Jane"". No Read more »