PPC advertising is malicious click love Shanghai conniving behavior

Conclusion: click on the

is a IP, click on the search keywords through our advertising, then the advertising text copied to the DOC file and preserve hyperlinks. Then, click on the file into advertising, website, loading the data, and then click on the other page "affectation". Traffic statistics background view IP source, the corresponding IP not found. The replacement of several IP too.

step six, replace the IP, clear cache, back to the first step of

In order to verify the

did love Shanghai PPC advertising people are feeling, that is more spectacular burn! Didn’t actually bring great business opportunities, but advertising is daily multiplication. Keywords lower prices, can not display; set cost limit system and remind lost many customers. The consumption of The loss outweighs the gain. competitors malicious clicks, but more responsibility is to love Shanghai guxiyangjian with each other. After many experiments, the data were analyzed and summarized, write "PPC advertising malicious click is love Shanghai conniving behavior" of a text, to love Shanghai deliberately relax technology to guard against the truth.

Experiment one:

detection directly click on the ads are effective


Step four, domain name

, a step search keywords

experiment two, click directly off the effectiveness of

love Shanghai to prevent malicious click, I took my account to test research. The use of dynamic IP click is the most basic means. Therefore, I will transform the IP malicious click step into

Step three, click on the

, a group of welcome to use IP ready. Then began the implementation of the test.


In experiment three,

hasn’t finished loading directly off the effectiveness of

Five, loading data


step two, ad

two is in force, the premise must be successfully resolve the domain name.

in order to quickly obtain a valid proxy server, I use the tools in the online collection of a number, and then use the tools to detect the proxy server is available. The proxy server can also search through the IP tool, but the efficiency is too low.

click on ads, popups, has not successfully resolve domain name, close the window. Many tests are invalid clicks.

box must search through the search and generate dynamic advertising links.

Conclusion: click a

through the normal operation, from love of Shanghai to search web site to start loading the data. Because of the use of proxy server, data loading is very slow, when loaded to close the page, many data show that invalid click. But because sometimes the browser or the site itself and other reasons, the source code has been loaded, but display a blank, this is the effective click.

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