How am I in 30 days will be the first keyword ranking

how talent shows itself? we do small and medium sized enterprises in Shanghai dragon will often feel very distressed, especially a few months before the website has just started, the hand also does not have what resources, nor what website weights, naturally there is no good rankings. But time is money, Shanghai dragon can wait, but the boss can not wait, please the boss of Shanghai dragon’s purpose is to obtain the free flow of love from Shanghai. If the cost exceeds the Shanghai dragon please love Shanghai promotion cost, certainly do not want the boss. Small and medium sized Read more »

Share in the forum post chain method

The second topic posted chain for the forum, most webmaster have tried, but now many webmaster said search engine for the forum outside the chain of giving care is low. That a lot of people do not love to do the chain forum. For the forum outside the chain, I think still have certain effect, to see how you do. Today I share methods themselves in the forum to do outside the chain, the chain can achieve the most effective long-term: finally pressed. Do the high quality chain is the main complex look back at the forum, the chain effect Read more »