In the history of the most stringent third party payment draft released after they have responded

in July 31st, when most people are immersed in the joy of success in deep Beijing again, the central bank issued the "opinions on to the public for non bank payment institutions online payment service management approach" announcement. Sure enough, the new government took office three fire. The central bank is the first fire to the third party network payment " rule " introduced the so-called " the history of the most stringent management of the third party payment approach ". Suddenly, there is a public outcry, impassioned, " " what is a few happy tears? read more

Edong transfer fee of 1000 yuan and the behavior of the new network interconnection

webmaster who! I can not speak, will not have the right to speak?! The indictment Edong shameless behavior.

I sell a website today through  (I don’t dare to write my domain name, such a shameless little agent may put my domain permanent possession) domain name registered in edong. Registration time, very relaxed, very easy, very happy.

but I sold today, even the web site, with data, sold together, a year of hard work, selling little money, not enough money to pay, read more

India’s largest software developer Tata consulting home page is black

was attacked by Tata consulting website home page

Beijing time on February 8th, according to media reports, India’s largest software developer Tata (Tata) Consultation Service Co website was hacked today. Tata Consultancy System Security software.

hackers in French and English posted the domain name for sale message in the Tata website home page. The industry commented that the attack was a DNS hijacking, and Twitter was similar to the attack last year.

Finally found Google included my Flash file

has long heard that GG can be included in the Flash file, spiders can crawl to the.SWF format, and finally found today, but also on their own web site.

( at noon today, suddenly found a line of [FLASH] SKIP INTRO > SKIP INTRO > REPLAY > REPLAY; Xi’an Jiaju & Jiashi… File format: Shockwave Flash, and then look down, even the jjjsw.swf Flash file link address, it should put the Flash file button in the text can also be provided >, INTRO, SKIP; > REPLAY "the feeling is really too strong and dangerous". The following figure: read more

The upcoming network butterfly effect

      from Google to $3.1 billion purchase of DoubleClick Microsoft announced to $60 million price competition to buy online advertising company aQuantive, from Yahoo to $6.8 billion immediately successful completion of U.S. Internet advertising company Right Media WPP acquisition of the remaining shares to the price of $649 million acquisition of 24/7 Real Media Inc. Global network acquisitions intensified, such acquisitions have become a wave and slowly hit us.

      now that the butterfly effect did not estimate the number of people will not understand the impact of acquisitions, so many now like the butterfly effect is very fast and open, and these are some "big butterfly". Although we are located in the east of the world is far from the acquisition of those, but the network is not something, regardless of where you are in the network can not escape the virtual world to control you. When so many giants will be placed in the eyes of online advertising, online advertising market changes will occur. read more

VeryCD Huang Yimeng how to make 1 billion yuan business owners

Huang Yimeng (stationmaster net plan)

from the VeryCD to the annual income of 1 billion of the web game company. Huang Yimeng and Dai Yunjie did not help VC, nor rely on professional managers, they rely more on their own feelings and try to do things.

in the summer of 2012, at the China Joy game show in Shanghai, 960 square meters of the stadium is one of the largest booth booth. At the same time, the web game company for its games "immortal" package under the subway to Huamu Road station and Longyang Road station for a month of all advertising. These two were spent 4 million yuan and 2 million yuan Huang meng. read more

Zhejiang 10 P2P net loan platform was the police investigation fictional loan projects

recently, the Zhejiang province Quzhou PO INVESTMENT LIMITED net loan platform operation more than 3 years of Zhejiang police investigation was again pushed into the net loan P2P in the teeth of the storm.

P2P net loan, is considered to be an innovative model of Internet banking, referring to individuals and individuals through third party network platform mutual borrowing. The police said the latest news, Zhejiang has 10 platforms for alleged illegal fund-raising crime investigation by public security organs using P2P net loan platform, Po investment is just one of them. read more

2015 Baidu World Congress index the real world to connect 3600 lines

September 8th 2015, held at the Baidu world China Hotel, Baidu Inc founder, chairman and CEO Robin Li to index real world "as the theme of a speech, he shared the thoughts between the explosion on the online service of mobile Internet era and how to meet the personalized needs of users and the scene of nearly a thousand guests, and released a mobile phone Baidu 6.8 the Secretary based on the search service robot assistant" of peru".

Robin Li affirmed the vitality, the mobile Internet era Chinese O2O in the field of speech, he said, in a variety of O2O services emerge in an endless stream of 360 lines was 3600 for fission today, user demand for services is also growing rapidly. Robin Li said that since 2014, Baidu’s search services related to the growth rate of up to 153%, we need to have a better way to meet the needs of users". In this regard, Robin Li gives a solution for Baidu – technology allows everyone to have their own personal secretary. read more

Electricity supplier fictitious transactions, false comments will be fined 500 thousand

review: the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in September 5th "against the interests of consumers behavior penalties (Draft)" to solicit public opinions. Before October 4th, the public can feedback.

electricity supplier fictitious transactions, virtual standard volume, fake reviews and chaos yelling clearing price, sale price, the highest to be fined 10 times the illegal income of a fine; there is no illegal income, a maximum fine of 500 thousand yuan. State Administration for Industry and Commerce in September 5th on the violation of consumer rights and interests punishment approach (Draft) for public comment. Before October 4th, the public can feedback. read more

Twelve Steps for a personal website to succeed

      in the past 10 years, we recognize that many websites (effective or invalid) method. Whether your goal is to make money or something else, the following 12 steps can lead you to success.

      1, the reason for having a website

      many organizations do not know why the construction site is. Please answer this question: what is your website for your organization? For visitors?

      2, build a website for users, not your own

      this is the most important lesson: your site is for your users, not your own. They visit your site with purpose, and your job is to help them achieve these goals. So focus on what the user needs to do, not what you want to express. read more

The ant take, Amazon and other platforms. Access to the PK Jingdong.

DoNews July 24th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) the payment service announced that the individual consumer credit products "under the flower chanting will come out of Taobao,, Amazon, and public comment, more than and 40 Internet shopping platform to achieve cooperation, these businesses have supported the ant take payment.

ant gold service aspects of the introduction of the more than and 40 categories of access to a variety of businesses, covering the basic aspects of the user’s daily life. There are shopping, lifestyle App glamour, neat street; and public comment, App millet, OPPO, VIVO; 90 sought after mobile phone access to the official website of all flowers chant; Xinjiang UAV, Chinese official website has also support the starting point of reading. read more

Micro-blog red season 29 to open a live video to accompany you across the red envelopes

December 29th, 2017 let red fly and will be scheduled to meet with the majority of micro-blog users, open the red envelopes Carnival season. Micro-blog red envelopes every year, there will be a variety of new ways out, to meet the expectations of users of red envelopes, this year’s micro-blog red season, and will bring you what kind of new gameplay?

as the world’s most influential social media Chinese, micro-blog will give full play to the advantages of the platform, combined with the 2016 annual popular broadcast, short video and other popular elements, to create the most powerful red matrix – invited stars, red, vertical V, network television, business institutions and the majority of users to participate in the feast envelopes. From the 29 day start, Huang Xiaoming, Wu Yifan, Lin Chiling, Ivy Chen, Joe Chen, Li Bingbing, Xu Qing, Guan Xiaotong, Zhang Yishan, Xu Zheng and other Star Cafe through blog posts, videos, live form of Red Cross to accompany friends together the new year. read more

2008 Shanghai Internet grassroots conference pictures

time: January 12, 2008 (Saturday) at 1 p.m.   host: 

location: No. 1954 Huashan Road, Shanghai (Shanghai Jiao Tong University Auditorium)  

today’s grassroots conference was very successful, the size of a simple and effective, in the university learning atmosphere, filled the entire hall of the station, no ads, no plug-ins, no empty broad theory, simple stationmaster, grassroots party building. Is a learning opportunity, but also a chance to feel. Send a group of small graph. In fact, there is no intention to shoot, to commemorate the purpose of the picture, but to give more webmaster a word. There is a need to explore with you in the same peer, work together, struggle together, the future of the Internet to the grassroots left a lot of opportunities. read more

Hongbo CMS officially launched version 1.5

CMS (HBcms) homebuy is a relatively easy CMS, suitable for beginners to use. In December 8, 2008, Hongbo CMS officially launched version 1.5. Compared with the 1.5 version of the version will increase more practical function, in particular, like the Ajax that is, that is, to change the function, such as the title of the article click on the current page can be modified in.


1.5 version will add the following features to the 1.1 Edition:

increase the custom field function, you can easily expand the content of the property, increase the input box, to achieve a more perfect appearance. read more

Web let the netizens whipped egg whipped egg


, a network game is whipped egg quietly popular. But not whipped egg smashing eggs, playing cards. 3 young people have a chance to try to make their small company assets soar. Ten thousand yuan investment in small software development, the achievements of the myth of wealth.

go online whipped whipped egg

whipped egg, is a popular poker game in the Huaian area, is also popular in Jiangsu and some other places. This game is played by the local poker board "run fast" and "Eighty points" evolved. The game uses four pair competition, upgrading the way of winning or losing, originally some local fishermen used to recreation at leisure. read more

Experience sharing my way to make money and do stand

      I was working in a network technology company, was not good, even the DW is not used, only used the FP to do some static pages, the company was not my kind of bad people, but may I see boss is a plastic material. -_-, let me learn to do or directly, can be called an apprentice, ha ha.

      the 3 and 4 months there to learn, have some understanding of ASP, at the same time on the server, the domain name space also has a relatively clear understanding. This time I finally ended up here apprenticeship career, and finally began to pay, although not much, only 500 yuan, but finally have income, quite good. read more

Monster network in the fourth quarter revenue fell 2% will lay off 400 people

Beijing on January 27th news, according to foreign media reports, the large shareholders, the largest U.S. talent recruitment website Monster Thursday released its 2011 fourth quarter earnings. Reported that Monster fourth quarter revenue of $250 million, compared with $255 million in the same period last year fell by $10 million 900 thousand, net profit of $2%, higher than the same period last year, $500 thousand. Monster also announced that it will lay off 400 people worldwide, accounting for about 7% of the total number of employees. read more

Ma Huateng said the 360 violations of the threat has not been completely disarmed

sina science and technology news November 7th news, 360 announced the recall of the user to the country to buckle the bodyguards, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng on November 7th through micro-blog said, the threat has not been completely eliminated".

had 360, has announced that in October 29, 2010, lasted a month of time to develop the 360 buttoned bodyguards came out, 3 days more than 10 million people, has created a miracle in the history of the Internet Chinese. But just 6 days later, we had to make a difficult decision under various pressures, to the national user announced the recall of the 360 buttoned bodyguards". read more

Train ticket purchasing website is difficult to guarantee the recovery of the refund time

yesterday, Ms. Li consumers complained to the newspaper, in Ctrip’s iron friends online booking, payment to the other ticket purchasing without success, but also a 3~5 working days, not only affect the travel, also occupied the fare. Insiders pointed out that in purchasing tickets can not be normal profit under the background of purchasing prepaid or by the website for other purposes, as funds pool money "website".

train ticket tight let once ticket purchasing website quietly disappeared, consumers have complained to the newspaper, in Ctrip’s iron friends online booking, payment to the other ticket purchasing without success, but also a 3~5 working days, not only affect the travel, also occupied the capital of consumers. read more

New campus network webmaster Wei Yu talk about the campus network

you Xiaonei friend hello, polite words do not want to say, the campus network in the last day of March the official start of the on-line test, here I would like to thank you for all the support and encouragement from my friends, the following simple speaking about the story of the school network.

1 Why do we need to have an intranet and why SNS?


campus network is the first chance I got the name feeling very good, thinking the results of the night, is to use the dedeCMS system to do a website or use DIZ to do a forum? But the answer was rejected…… So decided to use UCHOME to build a school student information sharing and exchange of SNS platform. Another reason is that the current campus information and resources are not well integrated, then the need for a platform to make the internal and external links organically (and, of course, there are many other reasons) read more