Website security platform to accelerate the music and Baidu jointly launched Baidu acceleration musi

A5 ( station network August 29th news today, famous website security vendors Beijing Chong Yu Know Information Technology Co. Ltd. announced a strategic partnership with Baidu, August 29, 2013’s Web site security acceleration platform to accelerate the music was officially renamed "Baidu acceleration music". Official website address changed from to After the name change, accelerate Le Lao users can still accelerate the entrance of the user login log in the management of the site, the original service unchanged; new users can directly use Baidu account login. read more

Today, Google over apple, the world’s most valuable company

driven Alphabet growth, is not currently Google’s little brother

this morning, Alphabet released the last three months of 2015 figures: Revenue $21 billion 300 million, net profit of $4 billion 920 million.

if the impact of changes in the exchange rate aside, Alphabet’s revenue more than a year ago 24%.

digital publishing, Alphabet trading shares once crossed $800, market capitalization of nearly $565 billion, about 26 billion higher than apple to become the world’s largest companies. read more

Gourmet recipes recommend custom site Yummly B round of financing valued at $100 million

Abstract: the United States recommended recipes and food express company Yummly announced a new round of financing in the harvest of $15 million, led by Bauer Venture investment, the company reached $100 million valuation.

recipes and food delivery company Yummly announced a new round of financing in the harvest $15 million, led by Bauer Venture investment, the company reached $100 million valuation.

Yummly was originally a gourmet recipes search site, users can search for the required food according to the taste, raw materials, price, nutrition, etc.. According to the user’s past search records, it also recommends that you may be interested in food. Yummly also has a strong social function, where you can find friends who are similar to you. read more

International Association of the world wide web Taobao about 11000 stores exist scalping phenomenon

NetEase Francisco April 3rd message, according to foreign media reports, the latest report of research institutions in the United States for Alibaba shopping platform false trading, business tycoon basic at a loss what to do on this issue may be in danger of being punished by the government Chinese.

false transaction is also called scalping, merchants through false transactions to improve their rankings. Store payment please people posing as customers, increase sales, so you can let them in on the trading platform ranked higher, also a lot of praise will attract more buyers. read more

Excellent art cool with the plot reversal return Youku embarrassment or prostitute Ali

lead: the so-called merger rumors of Iqiyi, Youku only in order to increase the bargaining power, pretentious.

recently, Youku acquisition of Iqiyi rumors once again usher in the plot reversal. The real truth is not a rumor of Youku and Iqiyi merger, but Youku will sell Ali or other gold master. Informed sources: the so-called merger rumors of Iqiyi, Youku only in order to increase the bargaining power, pretentious.

actually, Youku potatoes since the merger will face a shortage of funds, into a conservative, content layout problem of lack of innovation, the stock market has long been more American capital market undervalued stocks long hovering around $20, and the domestic competition is gradually recover even beyond the competitors. But in the domestic market, as the storm heady, several times in the market value of youku. Why Youku can not through privatization, landing the domestic stock market? Obviously, Youku as a U.S. listed company split back home, take a long time to do so, once will face a very embarrassing situation: read more

Unfamiliar Street domain name sold 7 million 470 thousand yuan won the Sedo platform annual c

renamed China ( December 22nd news, according to foreign media reports, Sedo announced the domain name, the sales price of the highest since 2014 in the 2 letter domain name recently, to $1 million 200 thousand, about 7 million 470 thousand yuan (the exchange rate) price, won the annual list title. belongs to the domain of double consonants 2 letter domain name, "Mo Mo, password, sale, naming, mask, mother" and other combination of meaning, it is understood that the domain name system in China from overseas purchase, and transferred to the renamed Chinese management platform. Ranked second is the real, to $350 thousand rally, followed by the mall domain, the auction price of $320 thousand. read more

E-commerce greatly enhance the traditional enterprise investment confidence

is still a few years ago things, many traditional enterprise attitude of electronic commerce also tend to be conservative, the concept of e-commerce is also only stay in the subconscious, no actual thoughts and actions to carry out electronic commerce. This phenomenon lasted for a period of time, the overall development of e-commerce has been sluggish, there is no way to fully demonstrate its charm.

however, when after a period of internal fully inclusive and equitable accumulation process, e-commerce has begun to enter the high-speed development, from the three stages of e-commerce in the China formation, 2010 is an important year for the transition from stable stage to mature stage. In 09 years coupled with the impact of the global financial crisis, the traditional enterprise trade has been a great impact, in such circumstances, how to face difficulties, in the traditional market risk investment is not stable, the Internet has caused the traditional enterprise attention. read more

Taobao and YAHOO online shopping platform in Japan simultaneously on the line in June 1st

                  May 17th news, science and technology Tencent learned today, Transnational Online Shopping — "taojapan" and "Chinese mall platform and YAHOO Japan will be announced at the same time to build a line on June 1st, when the Alibaba Chairman of the board and CEO will go to Ma at the two platform on-line news conference.10 March

5, and YAHOO Japan announced the official will build two cross-border online shopping platform – Amoy Japan "and" China mall ", which" taojapan "set up in the Taobao online, provide information of Japanese products to users Chinese platform; read more

The B2C industry has entered a new round of melee two models on an equal footing

domestic B2C industry is entering a new round of melee. A report of iResearch days before the show, platform type B2C to Taobao mall as a representative in the past year began to force, and the vertical self dingzuerli B2C. For insiders, the current confused B2C industry, which will win the future is more worthy of concern.

model two

on an equal footingA research report

iResearch released in April 12th showed that in 2010 Chinese B2C transactions reached 63 billion yuan, accounting for the proportion of China overall online shopping market transactions was 12.7%, an increase of three percentage points compared to 2009. read more

Online shopping ills will be curbed electricity supplier no longer capricious

Original title:

online shopping ills will be curbed electricity supplier is no longer willful

began in October 1st this year, the electricity supplier platform for promotional activities, if there is the first price and then promotions, refundable deposit, brush fictitious transactions and other acts, will be investigated according to law

electronic business platform is the organizer of the promotional activities, from the consumer’s consumer behavior to gain benefits, it should bear the corresponding obligations read more

Debt to equity holdings Ali goodaymart logistics to strengthen the 34% large logistics layout

Abstract: the Alibaba investment goodaymart logistics HK $1 billion 316 million in debt, continue to strengthen the layout of large logistics network, while rookie network will also deepen and goodaymart logistics cooperation.



network operators in the world by Tao WangboHaier

(1169 HK) January 4th announcement that Haier Electric Group investment Alibaba subsidiary, goodaymart logistics HK $1 billion 316 million in debt into the convertible bonds into shares goodaymart logistics 24.1%. As of press time reporter, Haier shares price of HK $12.82, up 4.91%. read more

How to improve customer conversion rate

              Yang Fan in the site planning of the past few years, with hundreds of large and small business website, success stories are too many to count, but Yang Fan found that the site is now almost always focus on the website promotion, spent time and money to do a lot of network advertising and publicity, every day looking at their own business website traffic greatly increased, thought "website traffic arrived, website promotion of the money is not wasted, but to finally see the income of the website and website advertising spending is not proportional, and sometimes loss, then began to doubt the network, from now on site planning or network marketing had a psychological conflict. read more

4 recommendations to optimize Squeeze Page

Squeeze Page refers to a collection of mail information page, the page is usually a mailbox with small space page input box, according to the website of different users fill in their mailbox can download or subscribe to the relevant information website. But Squeeze Page main task is to collect the user to fill in the mailbox, which is one of the most popular e-mail marketing target customers to receive e-mail.

on Squeeze Page (hereinafter referred to as "SP") design, the first office in which there are 4 effective suggestions can help you more smoothly to collect the customer’s mailbox. read more

Last year, rural mobile phone consumption 200 billion yuan Taobao

The more remote the

area, the higher the proportion of mobile phone shopping accounted for

county has become a new growth point of the electricity supplier. Recently, the Alibaba Research Institute released data, said Alibaba retail platform, in 2014 the county online shopping spending grew by 18 percentage points faster than the city. County mobile shopping amount exceeded 200 billion yuan, an increase of more than 250%, far more than the same period the amount of online shopping growth. On average, equivalent to spend 550 million yuan a day spent. Among them, Tibet has become the largest proportion of mobile shopping area. read more

Don’t take that big data

has recently come up with a word that’s more than the letter B – big data". Major electricity supplier platform on this big data posts overwhelming. Nothing more than the importance of data to the internet. Many experts are busy brick is really where they set the tone, there is spring


Internet era is the era of data rule the world, the importance of data, of course, self-evident. In fact, the data or the data, only with a "big" word, then instantly upgrade to the nouveau riche. As early as a few years ago, Tencent, Alibaba and other chiefs already have their own data mining team, Ali group has also set up the chief data officer positions (CDO), is responsible for promoting the data sharing platform strategy. How to explore, analyze and use the data, and share with the whole society, has been the core of the major business strategy. Nuggets from the data, has become the consensus of the major Internet Co. Just the word "big data" is more appropriate in 2014, Ali and Tencent led by the O2O war has kicked off a new round of reshuffle will be staged. read more

Internet insurance providers electricity providers to break the financial Pratt & Whitney rural dile

Pratt & Whitney finance how to benefit the country through insurance, the industry has become the focus of attention of the two sessions.

According to data released by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission on March 2nd, in its 154 CPPCC members have completed the motion in 2015, involving the number of proposals for agricultural insurance in the same period last year, an increase of 35% in the year of 2014.

data also show that in 2015 the number of Internet users in rural insurance coverage was 58 million, an increase of 42%. In this regard, the Ant King of Insurance Services Division of rural insurance business leader Wang Jing said that the rapid growth of Internet insurance in rural areas, mainly due to the development of mobile Internet and rural e-commerce. read more takeover of Le bee replaced a number of executives upgrade and the United States war

Chen Ou Le bee network sold to declared the end of the war, victory, just a new departure, but the war seems far from over, but the upgrade. cosmetics from to get involved in apparel, from clothing into the cosmetics, each main category erosion.

financial weekly trainee Reporter Lin Jie / Shenzhen reported

next month, Lasafo will usher in the 6 anniversary of the anniversary. It is understood that a series of activities in preparation, will be released. But compared with this time last year, Le bee network is still a lot of low-key. read more

Daily topics from the valuation of $1 billion sale to see how Fab failed

A5 ( station network March 5th news, was a smash hit in the flash sales site finally has also been acquired. Acquiring company is committed to helping start-ups design and development of hardware products PCH  International. The two sides did not disclose the purchase price, but the U.S. technology blog PCH based on the latest round of financing to calculate the price of about $15 million. was founded in 2011, the amount of financing more than 300 million U.S. dollars, but in the end due to the growth of marketing expenditure is out of control, and the product catalog is too large, the initial product design and other reasons for the disappearance of beauty and bankruptcy. 2013, the number of employees reached 350 Fab, the company’s valuation of investors had reached nearly $1 billion. read more

Do you understand the user experience and positioning

November 3rd, Liu Ren network venture (Club) Tianjin summit and online data mining service technology forum held in Tianjin, founder Kobayashi arrived at the scene speech.

Kobayashi: personal portal founder. Lin Xinglu left school at 13, 1997 at the age of 17 to join the Haiwei Ying, Administrator, in 1999 to join the runxun group, do personalized website development, launched in 2000 2003 IT writing community, creating a smartphone, in June 2004, served as the 265 site navigation CTO. The main achievement: Baxter door personalized website China Mobile SMS application gateway, the transformation between 1999-2004, has independently developed software search engine, FTP search engine project and enterprise competitive intelligence system and other products. read more

Uber reached a partnership with Daimler will launch a shared car for the automatic driving

UBER has a new attempt in the field of autopilot.

recently, UBER announced a cooperation agreement with Daimler, the two sides will cooperate to explore the application of automatic driving car in the sharing of travel. According to the agreement, Daimler will provide automatic driving function of the car, UBER is responsible for providing shared Travel software services.

this is the second time for UBER to choose a car manufacturer to cooperate in the research and development of automatic driving technology. Prior to this, UBER reached a cooperation agreement with Volvo, the two cooperative development of the autopilot. In spite of all the traditional car manufacturers, the UBER cooperation with Daimler, and Volvo cooperation has a world of difference. read more