A monthly income of 20 thousand Shanghai dragon is how tempered – move on

since these days "wrote a monthly income of 20 thousand Shanghai dragon is how tempered — a green hand", "a monthly income of 20 thousand Shanghai dragon is how tempered – fall to the bottom", "monthly income of 20 thousand of Shanghai dragon is how tempered – rebirth", this article is this a series for the last one, it is about some of the work I now. Shanghai Longfeng for so many years, my personal feeling is the biggest change idea, can not always persist in the operation, remember I mentioned in an article on the A5 nofollow problem. Many Read more »

PPC advertising is malicious click love Shanghai conniving behavior

Conclusion: click on the is a IP, click on the search keywords through our advertising, then the advertising text copied to the DOC file and preserve hyperlinks. Then, click on the file into advertising, website, loading the data, and then click on the other page "affectation". Traffic statistics background view IP source, the corresponding IP not found. The replacement of several IP too. step six, replace the IP, clear cache, back to the first step of In order to verify the did love Shanghai PPC advertising people are feeling, that is more spectacular burn! Didn’t actually bring great business opportunities, Read more »

Starting from the analysis of internal flow adjustment

traffic is not lost nor It is without rhyme or reason., we should do our best to It is without rhyme or reason. exists, analysis, from the user’s point of view, to understand the user, in order to make the user experience of the website. The above is the author’s views, please indicate the Xuzhou billion network company (贵族宝贝xzyw贵族宝贝) original. "there are too many ads or pop, even if the page content is very attractive to users, but because of" bad experience, I believe that many users to close the page, look for the same information "to visit. first, "the Read more »

The characteristics and function of Shanghai Longfeng optimization website link field

In fact, the : Friends of the chain and your website content of your site and all related content, even one is the weight of the site, the other is a fertility site, also each other and your links on a fixed page, this page is basically no content, some link to ! ! the above four characteristics that we often say that the link field in front, we also analyzed the link field effect is very poor, and even bring harm to our normal website, so when we exchange Links and others must be careful. two: Friends of the Read more »

Shanghai dragon enterprise website optimization need to pay attention to what

enterprise website optimization need to pay attention to: Shanghai dragon can not be impatient! Not even took the enterprise website optimization list also don’t be afraid. On the basis of data analysis, combined with the characteristics and advantages of the products of the enterprise’s own optimization and promotion. enterprise website content if not professional, it will not show the degree of professional and technical strength. Trust of the enterprise or indirectly affect customer sites, to a certain extent will reduce the volume. face don’t understand Shanghai dragon industry enterprise customers, we need to do is not to mislead, try not Read more »

Site optimization trap can solve the optimization of diversification or impossible to guard against

as a web site optimization is the most important work, is the site of the chain optimization, site optimization chain has a very important principle is the higher the quality, the more the better, but many webmaster in the optimization of the chain, the more the value of the number of the chain, while ignoring the quality the chain, because of the high quality of the chain to be more difficult to complete than quantity, so many webmaster to amount to replace the quality, look, this can increase the optimization effect of the chain as a whole, but in fact Read more »

Shanghai Longfeng Summary – Comprehensive Optimization System

The station of Shanghai Longfeng operation optimization summary 10. anchor text diversity 7. the same anchor text do not point to a different URL   18. web site code streamlining do we stand outside the station, to begin with, if you are a new word, one day is best not too much of the chain, ZAC chiefs said, at present, there is no effect to the chain 99% manual release. And now love Shanghai also hit on this aspect is very strict, so we webmaster chain do not know how to do, how to send. At present, suggest that you Read more »

Teach you how to choose the target keywords selected keywords IP 10000 an easy job to do

actually, when you choose the keywords, you may have violated your intention, you will. Because you are all toward the flow toward the Money and thus embarked on the optimization of key words of "no return" (this sentence tells the network industry veteran) is new, you focus on these your hobbies, or areas of expertise to build your website. Because you are good at these things, because you love these things, so what do you write in the release of the content on the website, even the original chapter no problem. In the process you website you will not feel Read more »

See the long tail words flow ratio of understanding and reflection after the target word to many

recently I saw some of my site traffic and found a thing, a lot of emotion, that is the flow of the long tail keywords to actually have more than the target keywords. Not much, but more than a single. For example, my website is a stone fish the target keywords, I put the word do love Shanghai ninth, 4 traffic every day. The word index is 260, I know the index itself has some water. But I was only a few sites to flow, which is too poor. Let me more depressed, I two long tail keywords, long tail Read more »

Some key factors of improving analytical website snapshot update

  fourth, high quality friendship connection to keep up with the correlation. Whether friendship connection has a very important significance in improving the website weight and update snapshot are here, the best friendship connection we find high quality high relevance of friendship connection exchange, with the current PR gradually fade out, as long as their website user experience is good, continue in operation and maintenance, together with their own wholeheartedly, for the connection should not be what difficult things related. Links > first, the content of high quality is the foundation. Similar to spider habits and our human behavior, for Read more »