Teach you how to choose the target keywords selected keywords IP 10000 an easy job to do

actually, when you choose the keywords, you may have violated your intention, you will. Because you are all toward the flow toward the Money and thus embarked on the optimization of key words of "no return" (this sentence tells the network industry veteran) is new, you focus on these your hobbies, or areas of expertise to build your website. Because you are good at these things, because you love these things, so what do you write in the release of the content on the website, even the original chapter no problem. In the process you website you will not feel Read more »

See the long tail words flow ratio of understanding and reflection after the target word to many

recently I saw some of my site traffic and found a thing, a lot of emotion, that is the flow of the long tail keywords to actually have more than the target keywords. Not much, but more than a single. For example, my website is a stone fish the target keywords, I put the word do love Shanghai ninth, 4 traffic every day. The word index is 260, I know the index itself has some water. But I was only a few sites to flow, which is too poor. Let me more depressed, I two long tail keywords, long tail Read more »

What is the 2014 edition of Shanghai Dragon

is optimized for the mainstream of Shanghai dragon a search engine friendly website of inside and outside of the station technology and content are between 2000-2011 years. By means of a close to the search engine algorithm, so called Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization). experience deliberatelyShanghai Longfeng entry and implementation cost of the previous before the Shanghai dragon current Shanghai dragon is relatively low, as long as there is awareness of the company can do Shanghai dragon on the Internet, the relative effect also appears relatively fast, so become a foundation with marketing. The Shanghai dragon optimization is a Read more »

Webmaster, optimization and promotion in the eyes of 315 people

! ? think, how many people working in Shanghai Longfeng name turn small companies, many network marketing are planning a confusing scheme. Mail promotion, Post Bar promotion, the promotion of micro-blog, WeChat promotion, well, we are ahead of his time. Most of the time, we wonder: what is the sale, what is MLM, what is marketing, what is fraud. Like money, give somebody a reasonable demand, no crisis is the sales of individual rights. On the other hand, for his money is fraud. In other words, I can’t believe it is the conscience of melatonin medicine, jiaduobao herbal. March 15th Read more »

Four skills Links exchange

, for personal AdSense for links to if you are a person, then you’d better find similar people in link. For example the author is the Shenzhen website design website in Shenzhen that I would have to find relevant web design and related to exchange with the website. The company, such as group of grassroots stood no link. Why, because you have in common with these people. There is a way to contact each other, send e-mail, chat QQ, say hello to each other. Of course, you have to have a certain understanding on his website. If it is competitive Read more »

The new method and tips for 4 days let love Shanghai and noble baby included

2 new sites to include on-line, if your content is collected or copied, love Shanghai basically not included, in several sites have been tested; after repeated study, though it is hard to understand, but I will use the chain domain name on behalf of the company directly cancel, registered a new domain name, can I find a good luck, before the site is PR5 domain name, starting all over again, to start a new round of love for the sea noble included baby. I was really afraid, afraid that Shanghai had a holiday, all the data are lagging behind, the Read more »

How to improve website ranking through the optimization of image

for you to take a picture is descriptive, your target keywords file name on the picture of the optimization. My 1, ALT tag using sets up a website robots.txt document to ensure that the image file can be search spiders crawl, remember not to use the JavaScript to link the picture file, if you do, the search engine is unable to retrieve your picture document > 2, 5 commonly used key label through observation, many novice contact site optimization in the first time, the optimization of image have not paid much attention, leading to late site experience is not very Read more »

sh419, GG, Ali era we a situation of tripartite confrontation who do small stationWestern Union rela

!       because the remittance charge is the publisher of the fee depends entirely on the shlf1314, shlf1314 and DHL to deliver the check, as long as the price standard, will be in the publisher’s acceptable range. But shlf1314 was free, and surprised the publisher. Post Bank West Union form to fill out form followed by shlf1314 Adsense for address shlf1314/adsense. I’ve been in the shlf1314 League since 06 years ago. The price is good, too. Easy to apply, if you do the English station, as long as there is traffic and appropriate click rate, then wait for Read more »

Ethernet report 2016 capital favored electricity providers, entertainment, sports and other pioneeri

with the development of society, China is entering a new era of "public entrepreneurship, multi innovation". In 2015, at the National Forum on science and technology strategy, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out: "public entrepreneurship, people’s innovative needs and scientific and technological innovation combine together to promote each other and complement each other."." He stressed that "public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation" urgently needs the latest, cutting-edge scientific and technological leadership. In response to the prime minister called for, further implementation of innovation driven development strategy to build a powerful engine to promote economic development and transformation and upgrading of Sino British entrepreneurship Read more »

Wang Chuan Internet entrepreneurs need to be cautious, good project identification methods. (a)

Internet start-ups have been popular in recent years. U88.cn on various building venture projects other people dazzled Liao chaotic, even I saw the phone card business to join, this is an obvious hoax. First, we must admit that many in this venture are a good project, but the lie is not in the minority, before joining the blow as if it were raining flowers, after joining it, some people will say, u88 is not afraid of people do say he failed project this website is useless? You don’t forget too much Chinese people, are cheat cheat. The story will sell Read more »