Hu Haiquan cross border investment, why do I say that they are leveraging star IP flow lever entrepr

? investment is a huge wave, and entrepreneurship is a huge wave, and the interaction between investors and entrepreneurs has become a new wave. I do a cross-border investors and entrepreneurs, two jobs Note: Note man Hai Quan is also a famous musician, three hats, both for all the status of empathy, status of the investors have experienced today with my own thinking, experience and personal reflection to share. has three points: , whether or not it works, at least close enough to satisfy everyone’s curiosity: Hu Haiquan, what exactly are you, business leverage competition, Before   Where is the Read more »

Xiao Han how to systematically study the Shanghai dragon Skill and practice are equally important

first, want to learn Shanghai dragon must understand what is the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) referred to as many times as we enter a misunderstanding, think of Shanghai dragon is the key ranking, in fact, in my opinion, Shanghai dragon is to make the search engine better index through the website structure and adjust the site, and to know precisely what is the theme of the site, and enhance the user experience, allowing users to understand your website is what to do, what is the use of him. , a website structure Read more »

We love Shanghai K Taobao passenger station will go far

consulting shopping guide websites class website is now micro-blog’s "fire" gas is still strong, many companies are doing the micro-blog marketing, guest can also do the micro-blog marketing. At present, high visibility, large number of users of micro-blog Sina micro-blog, micro-blog is a Tencent, we can make good use of it, the preparatory work is a micro. Tao is very profitable, it is synonymous with "new era" Amoy off Taobao, "after the" Amoy era (after the Shanghai K love said of an aged person called the station after the era, the main reason is the Tao) love Shanghai and Taobao Read more »

Junior students run the Taobao website in Nanjing20 statements about the community website profit pa

was elected president of the science and Technology Association of Sanjiang University in March 2006. In June, he completed the fifth session of the University of Sanjiang science and technology festival, and successfully held in October. The activities for a period of nearly a month and a half, the city’s 22 universities attended the event, held a total of more than 20 games in size. Among them, the color ring design, network magazine design and other events are held in Nanjing for the first time. two, Myspace China Luo Chuan: Internet users Chinese grade quietly change wants from the source Read more »

Now a monthly income of 3 thousand beginner journeyEntrepreneurs don’t treat VC as a friend

in the creation of video game company Rocket Science CEO at the beginning, as I lack the most basic understanding of the industry, did not realize that we are operating in a complex entertainment business, rather than stay in a technology company in Silicon Valley. This foolish idea is slowly killing us. is not to take part in venture capital meetings without knowing the agenda and not being prepared. later, the investor told me, "Steve, we thought we had told you before the board, but it didn’t seem that both of our companies were going to vote for your next Read more »

What is the name of the lubricating oil company

is now a lot of entrepreneurs know the importance of the company name, but want to give enterprises a proper name is facing many problems. In fact, as long as we can grasp the relevant skills, entrepreneurial success can also be very simple. So, what are the names of the lubricant company? 1. name of the company to the lubricating oil company. The name of the enterprise name brand, highlighting the commodity producer’s name and reputation, can deepen consumer awareness of the enterprise, help to highlight the brand image. (such as Guan Shan, Taiwan agriculture, etc.) 2. name the lubricant Read more »

Northwest Normal University to carry out innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

innovation and entrepreneurship education is more and more universities, innovation and entrepreneurship education has improved, I believe the quality of entrepreneurship will be guaranteed. 3 on the evening of 22, a theme of "open class of Chinese civilization inheritance and cultural entrepreneurship" lecture at Northwest Normal University, classroom seating 220 people All seats are occupied. In the classroom, scholars and entrepreneurs on the cultural heritage and cultural entrepreneurship, speakers and students discuss each one airs his own views is very warm.