I also love to talk about Shanghai share account

, I love Shanghai 3 estimates will use page and page separate statistics, but this time is not the code will need to change. The 2, Shanghai has been divided into love to share statistics page inserted into the code, if the number of share in the page display, is the entire station is not what meaning.   today is also installed on the statistics page, see this situation, I decided later, love Shanghai stabilized to install it." Wuhan of Shanghai. "Diary of March 1st" today with Shanghai dragon friends found love Shanghai little finger without love, estimated Shanghai really Read more »

Interpretation of the reasons many sites like Shanghai snapshots on October 28th

site keywords are ranking well, you can go to my query lists and you know those rankings, key rankings are very good in love with the sea. recently must have many webmaster friends to see a lot of website love Shanghai snapshot time stay in October 28th, including the big portal site, Sina, NetEase, Tencent, and even love their stay in Shanghai that day, in addition, also including TV Hunan TV, trading platform pig, dangdang贵族宝贝. But the station is also so many, all is to stay in the day. Presumably many webmaster wonder, these sites are updated frequently, and the Read more »

Shanghai dragon enterprise website optimization need to pay attention to what

enterprise website optimization need to pay attention to: Shanghai dragon can not be impatient! Not even took the enterprise website optimization list also don’t be afraid. On the basis of data analysis, combined with the characteristics and advantages of the products of the enterprise’s own optimization and promotion. enterprise website content if not professional, it will not show the degree of professional and technical strength. Trust of the enterprise or indirectly affect customer sites, to a certain extent will reduce the volume. face don’t understand Shanghai dragon industry enterprise customers, we need to do is not to mislead, try not Read more »

The execution is that anyone can do to Shanghai Dragon

this month I do I feel really pretty much. Mainly from three aspects to do, first to optimize the internal site prior to the course to do the three work, the website title description, keywords layout etc.. to the Shanghai Dragon Well, strong execution is essential. As we do outside the chain, if you do not go to the hair of the chain, do not take the initiative to find the chain, the chain number of your site is not possible. Every time I make a new website will set a goal for himself, as if I open a blog Read more »

Capital sought after mobile live overseas grab sites, the development of live products go from hereE

This is not after 2010, there was a gold crossover between China and the us. The advantages of the United States in the PC era are gradually being replaced by the advantages of China Mobile internet. WeChat did the subscription number first, and Facebook didn’t do it until 2015, for two or three years. The fire has been broadcast live for several years, and has gradually been imitated by foreign Facebook, Twitter and so on. To some extent, Copy to China becomes Copy to America. new three plate turn plate trend intensified, a variety of wonderful IPO case gradually emerge. Read more »

Have flow, more profitable site survivalFox how to achieve high yield by a simple page Amoy

5. search bidding. For example, shlf1314 and sh419 in China sell revenue by selling keyword locations on search pages. so many websites make money models, there is always one that will fit you in the process of development. There is no profit and to survive by www.qianming8.cn webmaster feeds?. 2. information content charges. There are 3 types of charging: news and information content is packaged to other websites or media; users pay to browse websites; users pay for database queries. 3. service charge. Such fees are applicable to portals and professional advisory websites. The main fees are: email, home space, Read more »

Explain the development predicament and Prospect of Witkey website

if I mention Witkey website, we will not be unfamiliar, especially the students must be particularly understanding of such a website, as a kind of task oriented websites, can be said that in 2011 when many students in the school day, or is a true skill and genuine knowledge society were shine in the pig Witkey on the site, and some even independent brands, similar to the electric grid, design planning is not stranger came out from the Witkey website brand, but in 2012, the number of registered Witkey website although surge, but the real cause is a new force Read more »

The father of the world wide web is a Marx idealist

according to foreign media reports, the father of the web – Tim beinasi – Li (Tim Berners-Lee) said, Google search and MySpace communities will be "semantic web". He believes that the future of the network will allow all information to be interconnected, such as a photo or a bank account. But what is the meaning of semantic web? Through the meaning expressed by Lee, it is easy to see that semantic web is a form of integration which integrates map, information, bank, game, diet and communication.

Talking about the user experience of the website online consultation function

, if not a few hours a day on the Internet, can not catch up with the increasingly explosive information age. Tens of thousands of websites are on the line, off and on. Countless network product development, flicker, and then huyou. Recently, I contacted the website of a private hospital to sort out the optimization and marketing projects, including the optimization and promotion of the website. I have a problem that people do not love to see, the enterprise website or personal website pop-up or floating window, although sometimes the effect is shocking, but still not conducive to my view, Read more »

Not to miss the 5 small entrepreneurial projects

we often face a variety of choices in life, sometimes a right move will often change your life. For entrepreneurs, there are many factors affecting the success of entrepreneurship, the selection of the most critical to join the project. A lot of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs are limited funds, select the project is limited. Here are a few small entrepreneurial good project: 1, children’s photography