Shanghai Longfeng station group A how do I maintain low cost thousands of Web sites

today, I began serialization, hope you can see, for beginners and inspire you, also hope that the master can guide one or two. How to choose the is not for the other, the need for young wayward. mix for so many years in the Internet, find yourself a grass root. collection? Where? contentDo The cause of station group how to arrange the content? Content related to Shanghai dragon effect, want a good direction to continue to operate the said the start to start work every night until 3 a.m.. Three months, the station group has completed the initial deployment. stations, Read more »

Reasonable analysis of mining the long tail word guide website stable accumulation of long tail user

With the long tail keywords the first thing I got up every thing and most webmaster is concerned about the website changes, in January 5, 2013, this is a memorable day, because of the long tail word on this day I have several websites I introduced more than 100+ traffic, this is a happy thing, I talk about how to reasonable use of long tail keywords into the long tail flow accumulation of long tail users. then we need to dig out, is not to say that our mining long tail keywords have effect, may have traffic for most of Read more »

Website optimization every Shanghai dragon Er is to learn from you

That is to say , so, if you are a web site optimization, whether you’re just contact Shanghai Longfeng, or is in the Shanghai dragon is a veteran in battle field, to learn something from the body of the Shanghai dragon er. At this time, you need to have a keen insight, be good at finding the advantages of others, and make up for their lack of this aspect. Because of the unique things that each of us has its own can not have, so if we can have this technology, tend to be more useful than the Shanghai dragon Read more »

My network of ten years related to youth

"romantic color" and the "youth of the day" there is nostalgia of the domestic drama, Lenovo to my network for ten years, it is only a dream. my net name is "free thinking", male 81 years old. I also can be called a "veteran" webmaster, here to talk about a simple process: 1998 in the school DOS, UCDOS, DOS WPS, there was no Internet cafes, computer software product is really rare, especially the simplified version of the software is much less, everyone on the black screen beating the teacher’s command dir CD……. Later learned WIN95 system was shocked. Finally, see Read more »

Hot comment webmaster why embarrassed webmaster

from 5.1 to establish my, to arrive today for a whole week, although only a short 7 days, but the sweet and sour is one to taste. novice webmaster always full of infinite hope for the future, I am no exception, from the station before I started to pay attention to Admin5 above many webmaster published some experience and personal insights, which will undoubtedly help me a lot, so I immediately on the site after the establishment, in accordance with the prior study and understand the start the first is to do Links and other sites, in the ring, Read more »

The experience of a college student for three years (1)

unconsciously, four years of college time has come to an end, and I have forged an indissoluble bond with the internet. I am a medical university students, do webmaster is purely their own hobby. Three years has had a profound impact on my life. I like to share this experience with my classmates and friends, and this evening, too. doesn’t know when it’s time to be hooked on computers, but I remember the brilliant experiences I just started with computers. The first time I saw the computer was in the third grade, there was a machine, a new gadget, a Read more »

You want to make money you have to master the six methods

for the choice of entrepreneurs, how to make money is the biggest problem, how to make the most money, which in the end there is no way? In fact, many times as long as you change your mind, change your mind, you can make a fortune, the following to understand the six ways to make money, to ensure that you let you earn unexpected wealth.

Huainan second youth entrepreneurship contest started

is now increasing the number of entrepreneurs around, especially the number of young entrepreneurs who, in order to further stimulate the enthusiasm of young entrepreneurs, all over the country are actively organized a number of entrepreneurial competition. 9 on the afternoon of 2 may, the Huainan youth entrepreneurship competition in the beginning of the opening ceremony of the second. Huang Aihua, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress attended and delivered a speech. It is reported that

Crystal baby market

with the continuous expansion of plastic surgery market, the growing number of cosmetic plastic surgery population, consumers have more and more beautiful pursuit, there is a growing awareness. Crystal ornaments as a new thing in the beauty industry, increasingly hot market, becoming the new darling of the market! crystal ornaments teeth affected by the introduction of a younger generation of all ages, show personality, outstanding ego, youth and for the successful people can’t be held back, adding a sense of confidence and charm. This tooth decoration is from Switzerland exotic, looks like a small round diamond, but it is actually Read more »

Romantic snow barbecue buffet can give investors what support

diversified catering business management has been widely praised by consumers, this is a very good use of the brand we all like the barbecue. The barbecue is a lot of people are more love the delicacy, which is the composite business shop barbecue the number of products in the style of romantic snow barbecue buffet has become diversified, unique characteristics, for the majority of investors is absolutely not to be missed with the barbecue industry brand alliance project. The taste is very unique, and we all have become a good choice of the project. So what can be added to Read more »