PPC advertising is malicious click love Shanghai conniving behavior

Conclusion: click on the is a IP, click on the search keywords through our advertising, then the advertising text copied to the DOC file and preserve hyperlinks. Then, click on the file into advertising, website, loading the data, and then click on the other page "affectation". Traffic statistics background view IP source, the corresponding IP not found. The replacement of several IP too. step six, replace the IP, clear cache, back to the first step of In order to verify the did love Shanghai PPC advertising people are feeling, that is more spectacular burn! Didn’t actually bring great business opportunities, Read more »

How to improve web page loading speed

users in the search for the information you want, then through the search engine to find, want, out of the site. But when the user clicks on the website, found that the site has been open even for a long time, the user will close the site, to enter the other sites to find information. Because if the site open speed problem, lead to the loss of users, at least that this website is not qualified. How to make your web page loading speed, we should analyze from the following aspects. small view the site open unusually slow, carefully look, Read more »

Shanghai Longfeng shopping website optimization novice experience summary

1, the promotion of key wordsKeywords The 3, Links website construction 2, Title the Internet there is a saying, "content is king, outside > programming skills website title   my Title is so set the "best B2C website, the best shopping site navigation". When a user searches for "the B2C electronic commerce website", because the Title does not contain "the four words of electronic commerce, so it is more difficult to rank. While a user searches when shopping website ", although this word is not complete, but the" shopping site navigation "contains" the shopping website "," B2C website "contains" Encyclopedia Read more »

How do PHP website optimization program

(5) web content is generally placed in the title of an article or abstract, here need to place keywords, but the entire page keywords is not easy to set up and excessive, generally set in the label, but related to the contents of the article, otherwise they will think of cheating. (1) to appear on the label, also is the title to contain the keywords, but also need to ensure that different pages are not the same; two, PHP site map optimization according to the working principle of search engine, we know the users and search engines are based on Read more »

How does the website increase the quality of the chain and reverse links

1. find your friend’s Web site to help you add links to your site. One-way links to your site the best effect. 2. in Google and Baidu to query your site’s theme. Look at the reverse link in the first page of the website. The reverse link query a Web Query: link: website. Then contact these sites with you exchange links. Or pay for one-way links with their. 3. has been included in the blog search query station, each week to open a blog to your site and copy the contents of a to blog. Copy the contents to the Read more »

The same way has been in transition, light tickets which line

three big leaders, Ctrip, where to go, the way cattle brought with the listing of the brand and the threat of funding, is expanding. In the future for a long period of time, the ecological system Chinese all online travel sites, hotels, travel agencies and other tickets on the role, had between three perpendicular and horizontal monopoly. After many transformations, the same process in the new round of financing support, to the outbound travel boss, the way cattle initiative to provoke the war. This time, perhaps it will be the same life and death turn". Turn around, live, continue to Read more »

The seven step, easy to create soft killer

as the saying goes, "good Seoer is a top editor."." But this is soft text editor and Seoer thousands on thousands of headaches, a lot of people always feel not what can be written, duty really forced to write and do not know how to position and material, some in order to task casually on the network were prepared with a high repetition rate time or topic. As we all know, in fact, we have a lot of material and events around, but it is difficult to link up with their own good, so I summed up some killer soft Read more »

Liaoning water purifier to which good – how Baosheng water purifier whole

Our water purifier how? Selection of famous brand water purifier. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very wise choice. How to join in the Baosheng water purifier? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship! water purifier has Baosheng regional protection and perfect policy, undoubtedly can effectively promote the development of your career, to ensure long-term profitability. Liaoning water purifier to good? In Baosheng water purifier franchise headquarters commitment is not in the same area in the development of second dealers, distributors to ensure regional exclusive distribution. before the start of their own market for Read more »

How to find a good idea

now has a lot of society, people are thinking about how to start a business, at the same time, it also had a lot of entrepreneurs hoping to achieve the goal of getting rich through entrepreneurship, but there are a lot of people do not have to find a good business idea.