A monthly income of 20 thousand Shanghai dragon is how tempered – move on

since these days "wrote a monthly income of 20 thousand Shanghai dragon is how tempered — a green hand", "a monthly income of 20 thousand Shanghai dragon is how tempered – fall to the bottom", "monthly income of 20 thousand of Shanghai dragon is how tempered – rebirth", this article is this a series for the last one, it is about some of the work I now. Shanghai Longfeng for so many years, my personal feeling is the biggest change idea, can not always persist in the operation, remember I mentioned in an article on the A5 nofollow problem. Many Read more »

The characteristics and function of Shanghai Longfeng optimization website link field

In fact, the : Friends of the chain and your website content of your site and all related content, even one is the weight of the site, the other is a fertility site, also each other and your links on a fixed page, this page is basically no content, some link to ! ! the above four characteristics that we often say that the link field in front, we also analyzed the link field effect is very poor, and even bring harm to our normal website, so when we exchange Links and others must be careful. two: Friends of the Read more »

Cause a sharp decline in the grassroots webmaster keyword analysis

The two, Links website I rarely do so Links, on the site of the Links is only two, while the two links in the website, a website of the weight of a serious decline, first of its website was reduced from three hundred and thirty-two to fifteen, followed by the love of Shanghai as fast slower than normal for a week. There is such a friendship site, do not worry about the keyword before the web site server vulnerabilities, website hackers linked to the black links, although the server after the bug fixes, but the problem is still not resolved, Read more »

URL a more simple and more common is to correctly

贵族宝贝m.123456.cn/teacher/${1}/s${2} engineer explained that "in considering the delimiter, cost considerations, and only to the common URL delimiter, ll like this very rare, are not taken into consideration, the subsequent upgrade re arranged. 贵族宝贝123456.cn/ (w+) /teacher/p1ll (d+) – in checking out the corresponding page indeed accurate, please check the engineer, the conclusions are as follows: the mobile adaptation department in the calculation of PC site pattern (rules), delimiters without considering ll, resulting in a calculated data problem. In brief, this site appears in each URL, there are very few sites using ll interference fit calculation, leading to adaptation cannot correctly. sample Read more »

Zhongguancun faces the end of an era, people once love and hateSmall jewelry made big business where

Zhongguancun tophere underground layer of mobile phone stores. Photograph: Lv Meng, it was Wednesday, the day before the Dragon closed. And the other day, the store may. "Oh, so cheap!" until 2011, the number of stores has ah has thousands of stores, gross profit margin reached 55% at the end of the year end sales of more than about 1000000000, ranking the first place in the jewelry industry, more than the sum of the few companies ranked after. mentioned here, most people will think of Dinghao electronic mall hereinafter referred to as tophere, Hailong Electronics City hereinafter referred to as Read more »

Entrepreneur 12 years, how did I break 5 companiesAfter 80 small business diary, from 0 to earn 500

so I just want to get my 29 years of things in a complete story for you. Well below I will first start from my childhood, when we here may not now have what fun things, I began to read at the age of 5. At the age of 5 and then we began to learn to cook, because my parents are going to do is their own farmland, so go back to cooking. I also remember that little time, but my parents said I started cooking at the age of 5, he said I was 5 years old when Read more »

CMS development memoir template system puzzles

himself is trying to make a PHP based CMS, and in the now complex PHP world, my idea is small and confusing. When all the chiefs of CMS have covered the land, I am still struggling for some technical problems which are not worth mentioning. I really don’t know. Is it right or wrong to do so?. I wrote the process of my own development, in order to prepare myself for the future. My CMS is called bubble, I just want to make it simple and fool, let all people want to have the website construction can be simply a Read more »

From Ma to do part-time work to see the success of entrepreneurship accumulation of the key

When Ma Yun, a lecturer in International Business English and in the electronic industry, in order to contribute to the family, go outside at night as a part-time teacher. Some are doing foreign trade business owners, these bosses are admired Ma Yun, regard Ma Yun as a friend, which accumulated a wide range of contacts on the entrepreneurial Ma Yun. 1995, Ma Yun founded China’s first Internet Co, China yellow pages, when people do not understand what the Internet is, Ma Yun’s Internet concept completely do not believe that he is a liar. Ma Yun in order to develop the Read more »

Zhong Yu Forum promotion methods and practical experience

BBS promotion in many personal website or small website website promotion is more common, how to bring more traffic in the shortest possible time, is the BBS promotion effect reflects: below, and share my experience in BBS promotion: 1, election forum The A. selected forums are best relevant to what we want to promote. (match the promotional content) The popularity and flow of the selected forums in B. are high. C. selected forum more easily registered vest, and links the limitations of less (some time, some need to have less integral can be issued if the requirements are too good, Read more »