Ji’nan Shanghai Dragon a little knowledge of love of Shanghai index.

today to share a little knowledge about the love of Shanghai index, I just found:   I will go to Shanghai to find the love of then I occasionally think of procedures + is a conjunction, it is the sum of two words? In reality we think + number is added, I click into place: my friend made a page, the word row in Shanghai love home, but one day traffic is about 10ip, so high index. Why so little traffic? ? I’ll check Brian respectively and Shanghai dragon two words index. so, why so many traffic related pages so Read more »

The official Bing search optimization guide

10, don’t put the link in the Javascript reservoir. 16, URL structure to be simple and clear, it is possible to have keywords. 15, whether internal or external link link link, should consider the correlation. 4, the appropriate use of < h1> to understand clearly the content of the page. 11, should consider the reader’s environment, let old computers can be smoothly browsing web content. Bing in Shanghai Guidelines in the Shanghai dragon dragon search engine optimization is divided into several categories, but some items are actually cross project, so we will not put it to the project, with a Read more »

The eight business entrepreneurs to create gold coupThe car used the death of Cherry the Internet tr

everyone loves the car market. Cherry provides a service of self-service car wash startups for private owners, at the beginning of the famous "PayPal" gang members $750 thousand seed investment, and in April 2012 it received $4 million 500 thousand in venture capital. Cherry provides a combination of mobile LBS is very creative car service, the car owner can stop at any position, as long as through the mobile phone in the parking position sign and send a car application, Cherry will send personnel to the designated place near the car wash car wash owners. You can sign in by Read more »

How to choose the recovery after joining the brand

postpartum recovery project is now being more and more attention of consumers, the project’s future market prospects are very good. This is also a new business opportunities for investment franchisees, consumers are increasingly high degree of identity for the brand, want to recover the wealth of the industry after the recovery, it is necessary to choose a good brand to join, it is necessary to add analysis. postpartum recovery to join the selection of a good chain of enterprises is a step in the successful operation of the chain. After the resumption of the franchisee should also deal with the Read more »

What are the major industries of low-cost profits

market to join the project is very much, but not every industry has a very high profit. So investors will want to have that kind of low cost, high profit to join the investment industry, today, the whole network Xiaobian to tell you about the real projects of low cost and high profit have? 1: cosmetics

Open hamburger fried chicken shop can not easily experience shop

there are many young people who want to see a hamburger fried chicken shop, but because of the lack of experience and technical aspects and has not yet been put into action, actually like the hamburger and fried chicken shop, for lack of experience in the industry who can join to entrepreneurship. Let us understand the operating characteristics of the hamburger fried chicken franchise, is now a variety of burger to join a lot, very selective, the first hamburger fried chicken franchise franchisee, and no actual operating experience. More specifically, there is no practical experience in food and beverage business. Read more »

Integrated ceiling industry is currently facing four major obstacles

I do not know since when, the concept of the concentration of the ceiling began to enter the minds of the masses, and put into practice the application of home improvement, is still very fire. National integrated ceiling brand is very much, the industry gradually intensified competition, behind the bustling also hide a variety of issues, and today we have to integrate what are the problems behind the ceiling. . A disorderly competition in the industry, manufacturers and distributors of the price war, each side, resulting in the increasingly fierce competition, profits are more and more modest. two. The lack Read more »

The annual yield of 78%, the Nanjing police cracked a BRIC – a of illegal fund-raising

is a common financial investment in life, generally people putting money in the bank, is relatively safe, but the market also has a number of financial products, such as the northeast rice processing project needs to raise funds, the annual yield of 78%, and gold brick. Is there such a good thing? Reporters learned from the Nanjing Qinhuai police, an illegal fund-raising Gang as an excuse, just two years time crazy money about eighty million yuan. The police investigation found that the project called the northeast base is actually a piece of wasteland. Currently, the police preliminary statistics, the number Read more »

The Seven meeting of the Standing Committee of the North District held the eighth meeting

October 30th, the Seven meeting of the Standing Committee of the North District held the eighth meeting, Wang Jinxia, deputy director of the District People’s Congress, deputy director of the, Zhang Xiaoxian, and members of the committee attended the meeting. Paul Liu, deputy governor of the district government, district CPPCC Vice Chairman Meng Cuiping, vice president of the district court, deputy director of the District Prosecutor’s office, deputy director of the relevant units attended the meeting, such as the chairman of the board of directors of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, vice chairman of the board of directors of Read more »