Using the field force to improve the keywords ranking

keyword analysis, can make use of the relevant data to love Shanghai as a reference; if the page optimization more keywords you need to consider whether to eliminate, if the difference is too large it is recommended for temporary removal and optimization of the main keywords related words. There may be most concerned about the needs of users the title not written, but the web has provided to solve the needs of the content. a lot of Shanghai dragon Er that title is not moving, moving after the keyword ranking will immediately fall. That modify the page title is not Read more »

Website optimization how to understand the use of the station optimization label in you

, a selection of labels is a Shanghai dragon Er, website optimization is a very important link, when the number of pages of a web site reaches a certain magnitude, to adhere to the flat site is particularly difficult, most of the time only through the accumulation of page classification, channel and paging to keep the page to have a single entrance is a spider crawling to the station, but due to limited resources, especially for personal webmaster, tried various ways to increase the number of each page recommendation in the station system, also is the weight voting station page Read more »

How to improve the user experience of the local tourism website

, a travel website access speed to achieve the best experience at present, construction of local tourism website to achieve profitability is a lot of travel agencies are doing, the local tourism site is everywhere, in addition to a few years ago, the way cattle, Showtime swim together and other large tourist sites, almost no other travel sites can be competitive regional tourism. In recent years, the Internet in the gradual development, the importance of many local travel agencies have gradually realized the Internet, so as to establish the local tourism website to make a profit, you can see that Read more »

Adhere to is victory chain how to persevere

, a chain of resources collection and arrangement is the key of two, Shanghai dragon Er chain construction should pay attention to the efficiency of website optimization promotion cannot leave the support of the chain, if the promotion of a website is not outside the chain, then the optimization effect is far from the ideal, can be said that the effect will not come so fast now, at least, all walks of life website competition, little attention will be catching up, therefore the optimization of this process is a long-term work, never finish one day, some high weight station why Read more »

By adjusting the keyword density to solve Baidu snapshot update slow problem

before writing this article, first of all thank SEO Research Center Moon teacher, it is under his guidance, I was successful operation. When you go through the chain, the original, write text, exchange links can make a snapshot of the site back to normal, not anti try me, here I talk about how to restore the website ranking and Baidu snapshot update slow to solve problems by adjusting keyword density. may be due to the domain name and the chain do well because of it! I just QQ character signature do soon in Google get good rankings, QQ character signature Read more »

Teach you how to correctly understand the advertising alliance

website alliance for a long time, in the management of the league, see some Adsense ads, is hard for advertising, always thought that the East West light does not shine, this money earn that money, in fact this is very wrong, please think about the webmaster. should pay attention to several problems when choosing an advertising alliance. one, beware of deception, you need to determine the credibility of each other, to really understand each other. You can check the other party according to the record number, and check the information of each other through the WHOIS to check whether the Read more »

Some ideas about making personal blogs

, a lot of people are making personal blogs now. Let me say some of my thoughts about my personal blog, ! first, money, some people also want to take a personal blog to earn some money, but is indeed better than the personal blog sites to make money more difficult, because of personal blog content without a web site specific, that is to say, personal blog content is relatively loose! In fact, blog, also should chose a theme selection a theme for my blog! And then write about this, so, advertising is good, but also not to you! My Read more »

Why did this public number get the original function My self media thinking

today, the public has received the comment feature invited by WeChat. As a WeChat operator, the mood is understandable. In fact, we got the original function last month. We just didn’t have time to write something. I didn’t expect to get the comment today. Thanks to the approval of WeChat, write something about the media today. The first half is about writing about WeChat’s original features, and the latter is about writing new media marketing.   we all know that the public number of original features and the comment function still belongs to the beta stage, only WeChat invited to Read more »

Taobao mall again track development businesses how to recruit more Amoy

, "10.10"," the Taobao mall was a scene of uproar, and it was gradually calmed down by some concessions from both sides. This event has also made many people realize the tremendous development space and market situation of the mall. For a long time, in order to better promote their products, many businesses have joined Taobao recruit guest team, I hope more people join the promotion of their products, in order to gain more orders. in the A5 forum has just organized a bustling Amoy promotion contest, in the form of the game to attract more attention, but also to Read more »

One year webmaster experience I talk about

Hello, everyone, I’m a rookie webmaster, the reason why I’m a rookie, because my webmaster experience to a certain extent, then can’t inch into. But there are some things I write out to see and maybe help you a little. Experienced senior webmaster, here is the younger brother… I used to be a web designer. I have three years of experience. Have done small business networks, have done a large portal network, and so on all types of sites have involved, but my wages are dead wages. In this way, I have to find a new way. I do Wangzhuan, Read more »